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What are Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs?

Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs are considered the fast-track into the nursing profession. They are often designed for students who have earned a non-nursing baccalaureate degree and are drawn to the nursing profession. Students may also find graduate nursing schools that have accelerated degree programs designed to help current nurses advance their education. Students in accelerated nursing graduate programs can choose from a multitude of degree options. These options might help them focus their education and fine-tune their nursing careers. The accelerated format allows students to complete the degree faster than normal.

Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs

Professional Insight into Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs

“Some second career professionals enter nursing knowing they wish to have leadership roles. To that end, they may enter into Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs to reach their professional goals sooner. For instance, some social workers have a goal of creating, running, managing public health programs. Others with political science backgrounds may have International/Global health initiatives they will lead. There is a community of seasoned professionals who have set career paths that require a Master's in Nursing. For this group, an entry level into Masters of Nursing may make sense for their career goals”

-Amelia Roberts, BSN, RN

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How To Find Accelerated Nursing Graduate Programs

There are a variety of accelerated Nursing graduate program options for nurses who want to advance from their current Registered Nurse (RN) status. makes it easy for you to find the program level that aligns with your educational and vocational needs. Search by program level, program format or by location to find accelerated nursing graduate programs.

What Types of Accelerated Nursing Programs Are There?

The two different learning formats for accelerated nursing graduate programs. They are either traditional campus or distance-learning. Online programs are convenient in that you typically set your own schedule. On campus programs offer onsite laboratories and libraries.  Some of the common accelerated nursing graduate tracks include:

  • RN-BSN-MSN Track: Are you already a registered nurse with an associate degree in nursing? If so, it may be practical to choose the RN-BSN-MSN track to earn your bachelor’s degree while working toward your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). With this accelerated program of study, you are able to earn both your bachelor’s and your master’s degrees in less time than earning each degree separately.
  • Accelerated MSN | Direct Entry Accelerated Nursing Programs: Do you have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline? Do you want to enter nursing as an advanced practice nurse practitioner in adult-gerontology, family, pediatrics, psych/mental health, or women's health specialties? If so, some nursing graduate schools offer accelerated Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs. These accelerated nursing programs are designed to admit non-nurse baccalaureate graduates to BS and MS graduate programs in nursing. Non-nurses typically earn a bachelor’s degree in a one-year generalist component and a master’s degree in a two-year advanced practice component.

To review all your options, search the directory. Some of the listings might include:

Career Statistics for Advanced Practices Registered Nurses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for advanced practice registered nurses (ARPNs) was $102,670 in 2014[i]. Jobs for ARPNs were projected to grow by 31% between 2014 and 2024.  This was much faster than the average of all other occupations[i].

Ready to Search For an Accelerated Nursing Graduate Degree Program?

Accelerated master's degree programs in nursing are intended for students who have career aspirations beyond a BSN. Are you are looking to potentially advance from staff nurse to nurse leader or nurse educator? Are you looking take on a specialty nursing role? Earning a masters in nursing is a stepping-stone. Why not see if there is an accelerated way to earn your graduate degree in nursing!

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