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Neuroscience graduate programs focus on the study of brain function and the body’s nervous system. Neuroscience is a fascinating field of study that continues to evolve through research and development.

If you want to delve into this field, consider enrolling in a neuroscience graduate program in either an online or on-campus program. A neuroscientist typically studies the brain and its impact on cognitive functions and behaviors. Does that sound like the future you?

Start searching programs at the degree level for clinical neuropsychology programs, cognitive science graduate programs, or cognitive neuroscience graduate programs.

Neuroscience Graduate Programs

Types of Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Programs

Searching neuroscience graduate programs at the master’s level will yield programs like a Masters of Neural Science, an M.S. in Computational Biology, or a Master of Cognitive Sciences. At the PhD in neuroscience doctorate level, you might find a Doctorate of Integrative and Evolutionary Biology (IEB) program or a Doctorate of Behavioral Neuroscience degree program. Or search at the certificate level for programs like a Clinical Neuroscience Graduate Certificate or a Pharmacological and Clinical Sciences Graduate Certificate.

Narrow Your Search for Neuroscience Graduate Programs & Neuropsychology Graduate Programs

If you’re looking for a program that’s close to where you live, you can narrow the results for neuropsychology graduate programs nearby. What about studying abroad? You can immerse yourself in neuroscience, as well as a new and exciting culture.

You’re passionate about the study of the brain and its function, so why not enhance your education in the subject through graduate level neuroscience programs? Pursuing a career in neuroscience starts with browsing through accredited neuroscience graduate programs and neuropsychology graduate programs today!

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