Oregon On-Campus Ministry Graduate Programs & Schools

Campus based Ministry Graduate Programs provide students with a professional theological education that can prepare them to pursue various career options within the ministry. An individual whose interests lie in religious studies, theology, pastoral counseling, church growth, church leadership, church administration, or the psychology of religion would find a Ministry Graduate Degree very rewarding.  If you want to find a Ministry Graduate Program on campus, look no further than GradSchools.com.

There are many benefits to studying on a college campus. If you’re interested in building social or professional networks or prefer face-to-face interaction with professors and other students, then a campus program may be right for you. Begin your search for a campus-based Masters in Ministry  and narrow your search by deciding whether you will search for a local or international Ministry Grad School.

You can also refine your search for a Campus Ministry Graduate Program by searching by Degree. For example, a Master of Arts in Faith and Culture (MAFC), a Graduate Degree in Ministry, or a Graduate Degree in Christian Outreach (Sport Chaplaincy).

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