Medical Specialties Online Graduate Programs

Online Medical Specialties graduate programs may be offered integrative medicine as well as traditional medical specialist fields such as optometry and dentistry. When a graduate school makes its programming available through distance-learning it may mean that you can take most of your courses through their learning system software. This could allow working students or students from out of the college vicinity to earn their masters or doctorate degree without having to commute on a daily basis. Usually, when there is a practicum, lab work, demonstration or hands-on learning component, the college schedules this on campus well in advance, or may allow you to fulfill your obligations close to your home. While the details vary between institutions, studying online can be a convenient alternative to traditional on campus learning, and one worth considering.

Online Medical Specialties Grad Programs

Online Medical Specialties Graduate Programs: Basics

Online Medical Specialties graduate programs may be available as masters degree and doctorate degree programs, depending on the subject and the graduate school. They are typically designed for the working professional who is committed to furthering his or her education and professional credentials. At the graduate level, a medical specialties degree is far more in depth than at either the associates or bachelors levels, although the undergraduate preparation may be one of the prerequisites for graduate school. For instance, most students enter a four-year Doctor of Optometry degree program with a bachelors degree[i]. Similarly, physician assistants continuing into a two-year masters degree already have their bachelors degree[ii].

DID YOU KNOW? 29% of Chief Wellness Officers, when asked, indicated they had earned a graduate degree.[iii]

What Type of Online Medical Specialties Graduate Programs Are There?

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distance-learning options such as:

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  • Online Dental Medicine Graduate Programs
  • Online Medicine and Premed Graduate Programs
  • Online Optometry Graduate Programs
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There are many variations of health care, from the more general medical doctor to the specialized dental surgeon. The medical specialties programs are often professional preparation degrees that students might earn as part of a state licensure process.

Why Choose an Online Medical Specialties Graduate Program?

Medical Specialties are considered branches of medicine that students can choose after they have graduated med school. That said, there are other holistic medical specialties such as Mind-Body Medicine that require a solid understanding of patient care and human anatomy. With the sophistication of educational technology, many courses can be brought to life through digital animation software, video conferencing and online publications. In terms of supervised clinical training, this is something that you could clarify with a prospective school to see how they accommodate their online students, as formats vary. Other potentially attractive features of online medical specialties graduate programs could include:

  • Earn valuable academic recognition through a masters or doctorate degree without necessarily giving up your job and the work experience it is providing;
  • It could be more financially feasible;
  • You would not have to relocate;
  • You might have the same access to your college services as residential students;
  • Some online programs make learning from professors around the globe possible through pre-recorded or live streaming webinars;


Accreditation in the United States can occur at the national and regional levels for institutions as well as by profession-specific accrediting agencies. The U.S. Dept. of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation are the national agencies; there are seven regional accrediting agencies recognized by them. Each medical specialty program has its own accrediting body that regulates course curriculum so that industry standards for each profession can be maintained. These are important details to find on your prospective graduate school website.

Take the Next Step

Choosing an online medical specialties graduate program is the next step as you refine your personal and vocational interests in health and medicine. Whether you prefer wellness coaching to a pre-med, the flexibility of online programming makes it worthwhile to review our sponsored listings. Make sure to contact prospective schools to find out about admissions procedures and requirements.

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