Hybrid Alternative Medicine Graduate Programs & Schools

Alternative Medicine describes healthcare practices that are taught at alternative medicine schools and not included in mainstream medicine. But in some cases, treatments ...

such as holistic medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other practices can be integrated with traditional medicine to help patients better manage their pain and symptoms. Similarly, you can opt to pursue a graduate degree in alternative medicine that integrates both online learning and traditional campus-based learning for the experience that’s right for you!

New to hybrid learning? While not as common as traditional or online degrees, hybrid alternative medicine programs or hybrid holistic medicine degree programs are said to offer the best of both worlds. You may complete most of your coursework online while attending brief on-campus sessions, or you may take a combination of traditional and online courses throughout your alternative medicine program. This could be a good choice for busy adults balancing work, school, and family. Not all alternative medicine colleges offer a hybrid learning option, but it is worth considering. Try searching for Hybrid Alternative Medicine Master's Degrees to see what programs are available at alternative medicine schools that fit your needs.