Idaho Campus Medical Assisting Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

A campus medical assisting degree is a great way to prepare for an exciting new career. A medical assistant is an allied health care professional who may have both medical and administrative responsibilities. For example, a medical assistant might prepare patients for an exam, draw blood or give electrocardiograms. A medical assistant may be also responsible for patient scheduling and medical records. Medical assistants are a crucial part of any medical facility.

Many students prefer a campus medical assisting degree because there is no substitute for hands-on experience. With a campus degree it’s also easier to connect with your teachers and your fellow students. And when you’re on campus, you have more opportunities for networking—and fun!

If you’re considering a campus medical assisting program, you have a lot of choices. You might earn a Campus Graduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Prosthodontics or Dental Hygiene. It’s possible to earn a Campus MS in Professional Practice or Advanced Dental Therapy. Many students pursue medical degrees at the doctorate level, like a Campus Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree.

With, you can filter your search by type of degree, whether it’s graduate certificate, masters and doctorate. With campus programs, location really matters. So filter your search by city, state and country to find the best campus medical assisting program for you!

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