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For the student who has a passion for fine Arts, design, photography and telecommunications, combined with a love of current and contemporary technologies and mediums, a graduate degree in Media Arts can open up some interesting career opportunities. Media Arts is an evolving genre that encompasses artworks that have been created using new media technologies. This includes digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet and interactive art as well as video games, computer robotics and 3D printing and art as biotechnology.

Pursuing your higher education in an on campus Media Arts Program can be a great way to start connecting with like minded peers and forming new personal and professional networks. Finding the right Campus based Media Arts Graduate Degree Program is easy on GradSchools.com.

Perform a search for an on campus degree in Media Arts by using the “by location” tabs to select a state, popular city, or country to determine where these Campuses offering degrees in Media Arts are offered.

Also, you can refine your search for an On campus Media Arts Degree program by selecting your desired program level. Are you looking for a Campus Doctorate in Mass Communication and Media Studies, a Campus Graduate Certificate in Documentary Media Studies, or a Campus MFA in Documentary Media. Should you desire to specialize in one particular area, look for a Degree in it, for example, you can pursue a Campus Based Master Degree in Film, Animation, Video, or a Campus Master in Lighting Design.

The right Campus Based Media Arts Degree Program is waiting for you! Find an accredited grad school now and start earning your degree in Media Arts now!

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