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Campus digital media graduate programs provide students with the skills necessary for careers that require talent in the field of digital media. On-campus programs offer students both traditional courses and a community of faculty, staff, and other students to learn digital media skills. A graduate degree in digital media trains students in both the theory and practice of digital media studies. Completing a grad media degree in this dynamic field may lead to many career opportunities in journalism, documentary and film, website design and maintenance, writing, and more. Both the commercial and government sectors need trained individuals who have the skills learned in digital media graduate degrees, so your potential career paths may cover many interesting areas.

There are different kinds of grad media campus programs. At the masters level, you can earn a Master of Arts: Media Literacy and Digital Culture, an on campus Global Media and Communication Studies, M.A., and a Masters of Media Studies by taking classes on campus. There are also graduate certificate programs such as a Certificate in Media/Communication Studies and Ph.D. degree programs in media studies. Many digital media studies graduate programs train students in specialized areas: sound, digital imagery, writing, marketing and psychology, web design, video, and graphic design. Students can usually choose a part-time or full-time course load to fit their needs. No matter the pace of your studies, digital media graduate schools offer students the opportunity to explore their intellectual and artistic interests and work towards their career objectives in the fields within digital media studies. You should explore a digital media graduate degree in the specialization of your choice.

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