Vermont Hybrid Film and Television Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

If you’re interested in film and television, graduate film school may be on your mind. Film studies graduate programs may seem like the perfect way to learn the ropes of this exciting industry – but what if a traditional program is not feasible for you? Hybrid cinema studies graduate programs could be a way to enjoy the best of both a campus-based film school and an online program, allowing busy adults to maximize their experience. Film and television professionals include art directors, screenwriters, producers, editors, and many other talented individuals who comes together to make a film possible.

Hybrid film production graduate programs, also known as low-residency film MFA programs, may allow students to learn primarily from home, attending campus-based sessions occasionally or biannually. While not as common as traditional graduate film programs or online-only programs, hybrid learning may be available if you look for it. Take the time to explore your options, and search by city and state to locate film or television production graduate programs that meet your needs and goals.

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