Cleveland Online Statistics Data Analytics Graduate Programs & Grad Schools

If you enjoy working with numbers and computer models, you should consider enrolling in an online statistics grad school and pursuing a career as a statistics professional. ...

One path that may lead to becoming a professional in this field is to complete one of the many online statistics graduate programs. By earning a graduate degree in statistics, you hone your math and computer skills that may lead to a career in this field.

If you are interested in taking online courses from statistics graduate programs, there are many graduate school options available to you. The online format of study is a flexible one as you are able to schedule study around other factors in your life. New digital tools keep you connected via group projects, so you still feel like you are joining the campus experience. Online graduate degree in statistics programs offer masters and doctorate degrees and some programs in statistics have courses leading to graduate certificates. You can do coursework that can lead to an online Certificate of Applied Statistics or an online Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Finance and Risk Management. Alternatively, you can take online classes in a graduate statistics programs to earn an online Master of Science Predictive Analytics, an online Master of Science in Applied Statistics, and an online Master in Survey Methodology. If you want to earn a PhD in statistics, you can take courses for an online PhD in Computer Science—Big Data Analytics. Whichever specialization or academic path you select, you may potentially boost your career after earning your online degree from one of the statistics graduate programs.

Look into online statistics graduate schools by using the filters on GradSchools to search programs by location, degree type and specialization. To expand your career opportunities, explore what is needed to succeed in a graduate degree in statistics at accredited colleges and universities today!