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In the modern world, statistics inform many of the decisions that affect our daily lives, including the determining Social Security benefits, setting insurance rates, and fighting disease in our communities and world. If you like to work with numbers and are thinking about a career in data analytics, you should explore statistics graduate programs. Graduate statistics programs can sharpen your math and computer skills and give you the training to make large amounts of data useful to the public and decision makers. If you enroll in an on-campus graduate degree in statistics, you can develop the knowledge and skills that may lead to a career in this field.

Campus statistics graduate programs have different specializations, but a graduate school on campus offers traditional classes where you, faculty, and other students are part of a learning community committed to the study of statistics. You can choose a statistics graduate school with either a part-time or full-time course load. Statistics graduate programs offer masters and doctorate degrees and some graduate statistics programs have courses leading to certificates. In all of these statistics graduate programs, there is an academic path to specialize in a subfield of statistics to meet your intellectual and career goals. For example, you can take courses to earn an on-campus Graduate Certificate of Applied Statistics or Certificate in Statistical Methods for Product and Processes Improvement. If you want to earn your masters degree, you can pursue an on-campus Master of Mathematical Statistics, an on-campus Master of Science in Analytics, or an on-campus Master in Science of Risk Stochastics. Doctorate specializations in graduate school include programs with a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics, PhD in Statistics, or PhD in Survey Methodology.

If you want to earn a grad school statistics degree on a university campus, you can use the filters on to search programs by location, degree type and specialization. Why wait? Start learning more about the different options in statistics graduate programs at accredited colleges and universities today!

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