Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs (Online)

Working professionals might find that Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs offer them the opportunity to advance knowledge in mathematical statistics and data analysis while maintaining their jobs. Graduate online Math programs and advanced statistics degrees are not easier than their campus counterparts, but they may allow for a greater freedom in self-pacing.

Statistics Online Graduate Degrees

If you are seeking to potentially qualify for research and development positions, a career in academics or as either a mathematician or statistician in private sector industries, earning a graduate statistics or math degree is usually required[i]. If you can’t take the time out to commute regularly, an online program is well worth considering.

Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs: Basics

Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs, just like their campus counterparts, are designed for students to learn how to apply advanced mathematical theories, probability and computation to a variety of settings.  Students enrolling in an online master’s or Ph.D. programs in mathematics and statistics typically have earned bachelor’s degrees in mathematics or statistics, though a bachelor’s degree in a related area that includes math coursework may be acceptable as well – sometimes this may be in computer science or computer programming for instance.

A master’s degree in mathematics or in statistics is intended for students aspiring to potential careers in the advanced application of mathematics. A Ph.D. in mathematics is ideal for statisticians and math teachers pursuing more advanced math or research/science careers. A Ph.D. qualifies graduates to take on roles as data analysts or mathematicians with various government and private agencies (e.g. finance and insurance), though most mathematicians work for the federal government[ii]

FACT: Statisticians typically need at least a master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, or another quantitative field. Research and academic jobs generally require a Ph.D. (BLS)[iii]

Types of Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs

Mathematics is actually a very broad field with practical applications in business and finance, computers and cyber security, data analytics and information technology. The widespread use of data analysis and applied mathematics has helped to make Statistics a major mathematical discipline along with gaming[iv].

Your options for Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs is two-fold to the extent that you can choose your (online) degree level (certificate, master’s or PhD) and also, to leverage your own strengths and dive deeply into an area that really interests you:

  • Actuarial Science (e.g. risk management)
  • Financial Engineering (e.g. business analytics)
  • Mathematics (e.g. computational math, mathematical modeling, programming with numerical methods)
  • Statistics (e.g. applied statistics, probability, calculus, linear algebra, biostatistics, statistical research)
  • Data Analysis (e.g. big data analytics, technical computing)

Potential Features of Graduate Statistics and Math Online Programs

While it is true that the format of Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs is going to vary between graduate schools, the primary learning delivery method is via web-based technology instead of a routine travel to class.Within that, there is generally a course management system or portal where you get 24/7 access to your classes and submit your assignments. A few points to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes lectures are prerecorded (asynchronous)
  • Sometimes you may have livestreaming sessions (synchronous)
  • Online should mean you get access to services as do on campus students
  • There should be tech support in place
  • You may need to upgrade your software or add a web cam
  • Corresponding with classmates and professors is usually via digital tools (emails, web chat, text, video conference)
  • If your program is called ‘partially online’ it means there are some on-campus requirements  
  • Check that if your program has any computer laboratory requirements you have access to a facility or to the campus itself
  • Online doesn’t mean easy (unless vector calculus is simple for you); you need to be autonomous and self-disciplined to ensure you stick to your degree.

Accreditation for Online Programs

Sometimes an accredited graduate school will have both a Campus and an Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Program. Institutional Accreditation is accomplished through regional and national agencies. Program Accreditation is dependent on the subject. For instance ABET is the accrediting agency for programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology[v]

Your Search Made Simple makes it straightforward to find an Online Mathematics and Statistics Graduate degree. Find your subject and program level, choose ‘online’ and browse results. Listings might include online Master of Science in Mathematics, online Doctor of Computer Science – Big Data Analytics (Executive Format), M.S. in Business Analytics, online Master of Science in Statistics.

Take the Next Step

In terms of the statistics for the education level of Mathematicians including Computational Scientists, Cryptographers, Emerging Solutions Executives, and Lead Simulation Modeling Engineers, O’Net indicates that 38% hold masters and 33% hold Doctoral Degrees[vi]. Similarly for Statisticians such as Clinical Statistics Manager, Human Resource Statistician, Private Statistical/Psychometric Consultant, Demographers and Trend Investigators, 48% hold a Master’s degree and 20% a doctoral degree.[vii] If you are not satisfied with an entry-level position but lack the credentialing to potentially move up the ladder, it may behoove you to review options for distance-learning where you could combine current responsibilities with advanced academics.

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