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There are two primary branches of math that students in a campus based mathematics graduate program are likely to fall into: theoretical mathematics or applied mathematics. Within the two primary branches of mathematics there are number of different specializations that students in a campus based graduate program in mathematics might choose from.  These specializations include: computational math, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, and data visualization and analysis.

Students interested in earning a campus based math graduate degree may benefit from having an educational background in mathematics, physics, or another computational or applied science. 

Students in a math graduate program might be required to undertake coursework in advanced calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, abstract algebra, logic, geometry, and computing. Some math graduate degree programs might require students to pass a comprehensive examination at the culmination of their studies. Mathematics Ph.D. programs may require students to complete and submit a thesis or dissertation based on original research.

Graduates of campus based mathematics graduate program might choose to pursue potential career opportunities in many different types of organizations including: colleges and universities, research and development facilities, government agencies, scientific research and development organizations, and even manufacturing or private industry.

The directory includes listings for campus based masters in mathematics programs, campus based Ph.D., Doctorate programs in mathematics and graduate certificate programs in mathematics.  You can filter your results by program level, location, and format.

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