Ontario Mathematics Graduate Programs and Schools

Math Graduate Schools may offer masters, doctorate and certificate programs in pure and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics is oriented to theory, formulas and solving problems that arise in computation. Applied mathematics uses math models and techniques to solve problems in areas such as business management, science, technology and engineering. Since there is often some overlap, you might also find a math school that has a broad-based program with courses in both types of math.

Math Graduate Schools and Math Graduate Degrees

Admission to math graduate schools varies but most require some background knowledge. Often, students need a bachelors degree from an accredited institution in mathematics or a related field. Some programs also presume students have some background in courses specific to the program they are applying to. These prerequisites might include multivariable calculus, differential equations, matrix theory, probability, programming language and statistics. Applicants may also need to write out their goals, have letters of reference and show GRE math test scores.

Masters in Math Schools

Masters in math programs could lead to either a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science degree. In some math graduate schools, the MA program offers a broader curriculum and includes math research. By contrast, the MS program might be more technical, and students might be able to choose an area of emphasis in subjects like discrete math, statistics or scientific computing. Some programs may also offer a thesis option, which could be preferable for those hoping to go on to earn a doctorate.

PhD in Math Schools

The PhD in math is a terminal research degree. Often, a PhD program in math starts with coursework and seminars which are designed to prepare students for various exams. Courses might cover topics such as algebraic topology and theory of probability. Students must successfully pass exams before they continue with their dissertation research. Then through their dissertation, they might explore a specific area of interest with the goal of contributing new knowledge to the mathematics field.

Graduate Certificates in Math

Graduate Certificates in Math are sometimes designed for teachers who want to boost their knowledge and pursue extra licensure with their state or regional education board. This type of certificate might be viewed as part of, or in addition to, a masters degree. Students could study topics such as linear algebra, advanced calculus and modern geometry. Moreover, they might take away stronger communication and analytical skills.

Find a Math Graduate School That is Great for You

Perhaps when you start to search for Math Graduate Schools, you have an image of a blackboard with formulas scribbled across and a classroom full of intense thought and critical analysis. Today’s math graduate students may experience this and more from an on-campus math program. While the blackboard may not be replaced, many schools also have computer and statistical laboratories, libraries and other facilities that you might avail yourself of.

Also, in some math graduate schools, the program size may be limited, which could mean more face-to-face time with faculty, and the opportunity to engage with peers. When you are not proving and disproving theories or solving partial differential equations, you might be involved in other student activities. Or, hard at work alongside a professor, engaged in a faculty research project.

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