Online Actuarial Science & Financial Engineering Graduate Programs & Schools

Are you hoping to become an actuary or financial engineer? Consider either an online actuarial science graduate program or online financial engineering programs. Actuarial Science and Financial Engineering are two mathematical fields that use statistics, economic theory, and other principles to assess risk or solve problems. Actuaries usually work in fields like insurance, while financial engineers work in – you guessed it – finance. But these two roles may share similar knowledge areas.

Online financial engineering or actuary schools could allow students the flexibility of completing coursework during the times that work best for them, such as on the weekends. That means being able to balance your job with your studies and create a class schedule that works around you. Online learning could also be a good choice for students who don’t live near an actuarial science graduate school and are unable to relocate. Because actuarial science graduate programs and financial engineering programs are math-intensive and involve a lot of independent work, online learning is often a good format for studying either of these fields.

Finding Online Financial Engineering Programs

You can find online financial engineering or actuarial science schools by performing searches like Online Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science or Online Masters in Financial Engineering. Not every graduate program is available for online learners, but you may be surprised at the number of options you have available to you to start on your new career path!

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