Quebec Actuarial Science & Financial Engineering Graduate Programs on-Campus & Schools

Actuarial Science involves risk assessment for industries such as insurance, while Financial Engineering resolves problems in the area of finance. However, both of these fields involve the use of mathematical principles to arrive at solutions. If that sounds interesting to you, you may be considering actuarial science graduate school or financial engineering graduate school. Many campus-based programs are out there for students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree, Doctorate degree, or Graduate Certificate in either of these professional areas.

Campus-based programs could be as nearby as your hometown, though you’ll also discover actuarial graduate programs and financial engineering programs in cities around the world. Math is a universal language, so you could explore this fascinating field from almost anywhere. Search by city and/or state to locate actuary schools in your desired location.

One benefit of campus-based programs is the ability to form professional connections to fellow students and instructors while preparing for a future career path. You never know where your actuarial science or financial engineering degree will take you! Get started searching for an on-campus Master’s degree in actuarial science, Doctorate degree or Graduate Certificate in  financial engineering now.

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