Chicago Hybrid Actuarial Science & Financial Engineering Graduate Programs & Schools

Actuary Science and Financial Engineering utilize mathematical principles to solve problems and analyze risk in fields such as insurance and finance. If you love math and are hoping to prepare for a career that makes good use of your abilities, you may be considering and actuary science graduate degree or financial engineering graduate degree. One innovative way of pursuing your education in either of these fields is hybrid learning.

Hybrid actuarial graduate programs or hybrid financial engineering graduate programs offer a blend of campus-based and online learning. That means you can enjoy the benefits of flexible online courses while also having the social experience you desire in a campus-based classroom. Hybrid actuarial science graduate programs or financial engineering programs may not be as common as purely online or campus-based ones, but be sure to check out the options you have available to you. You could be well on your way to a new career path in a field you love.

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