Ontario Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Graduate Programs

STEM Graduate Degrees refers to the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. With recent predictions that the “future of the economy is in STEM”[i], Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Graduate programs offer the next level of academic preparation. Professionals in these occupations use scientific research methods, computing and statistics to solve real-world problems.

What is STEM?

STEM Graduate Degrees

Math, Science and Engineering graduate programs are available as graduate certificates, masters, doctorate and PhD degrees in a wide variety of subject specializations within the categories of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students typically have a Bachelor’s degree in their field of choice to apply into Master's programs, and have obtained a Master’s degree prior to considering a Doctoral degree. Usually if you apply into a PhD program with an undergraduate degree, you have to make up some course requirements.

Which STEM Graduate Degree Is Right for You?

Even for right-brained graduate students and technical courses, deciding on which STEM graduate program to choose may involve a bit of research. You want to find not only the ‘right’ program and degree level, but also a graduate school that fits your criteria. After all, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics cover a lot of ground. Refine your search using our subject directory.

STEM Graduate Certificate or Graduate Degree?

Depending on your present education and commitment level, Math, Science, and Engineering Graduate Programs can be narrowed down within the above fields by Graduate Certificate, Masters degrees, PhD and Doctorate Degrees. If you are not quite ready to pursue a full graduate degree, a post-bachelor’s certificate offers a short-term approach as well as targeted skills to use in specific job settings. Often, the credits can be applied to a Master of Science program at a later date. Some of the sponsored listings you can review might include Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Biotechnology Education and Engineering Management Certificate. Take a look through the full directory to add onto your existing strengths.

Masters in Math, Science, and Engineering Programs

Masters in Math, Science, and Engineering Degrees are typically offered as a Master of Science (MSc), and offer students with a Bachelor of Science in their field to take the next academic step. Typically, Masters programs take an additional 1 to 2 years beyond the Bachelor’s degree. In addition to coursework in their discipline, students may have to write a research paper (thesis).

Which STEM jobs require a Master’s degree?

Doctorate and PhD in Math, Science and Engineering Programs

Doctorate and PhD in Math, Science and Engineering degrees are offered either as professional degrees (as in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and as research degrees (as in Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry). A doctoral degree usually takes and additional 3 years of study beyond the Bachelor’s degree. To graduate, students may need to write and defend a dissertation, or complete a supervised practicum.

Which STEM Jobs Require a Doctoral Degree?

  • Research Statisticians[x]
  • Veterinarians[xi]
  • Biochemists and Biophysicists[xii]
  • Physicists and Astronomers[xiii]
  • Medical Scientists[xiv]
  • Engineering Researchers & Professors[xv]

Potential Benefits of a STEM Graduate Degree

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Nada Marie Anid
Ph.D. and Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Sciences NYIT

Expert Insight

Benefits of a STEM Degree

Aside from the knowledge, added expertise, depth and skills they offer, STEM degrees carry an undeniably high economic value relative to many other fields of study.


Science Graduate Programs

Science graduate programs include training in the life sciences, the physical sciences, and the natural sciences. Many of these programs involve laboratory experimentation, observation of the natural world, and using scientific methods and inquiry. Look for specific science-focused Master’s or Doctorate degrees in:

  • Biology Graduate Programs
  • Biomedical Science Graduate Programs
  • Environmental Science Graduate Programs
  • Neuroscience Graduate Programs
  • Physical Sciences Graduate Programs
  • Physiology Graduate Programs
  • Veterinary and Animal Sciences Graduate Programs


In terms of STEM majors, technology graduate programs focus on computer science programs; technology professionals use science and engineering to create and troubleshoot computer information systems and databases. If you enjoy working with operating systems, artificial intelligence and cryptography, many Science Math and Engineering Graduate Programs take on this type of technical focus. Case in point, Master of Science in Biotechnology, a sub category within Biomedical Science.


Mathematicians, Statisticians, and workers in math-related occupations had a 33% higher wage with a master’s degree that did those with a bachelor’s degree[ii]

Engineering Graduate Programs

Engineering graduate programs are diverse, as engineers use math, science and technology to find solutions to real world issues. This may mean developing new systems, structures, products or materials for a variety of industries such as aerospace, petroleum, or textiles. Some of the major engineering disciplines include civil, mechanical, industrial, electrical and materials engineering. Search our site for Master’s or PhD in Engineering Degrees in:

  • Aerospace Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Architecture Graduate Programs
  • Biological and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Civil Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Engineering Management Graduate Programs
  • Environmental Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs

Mathematics Graduate Programs

Mathematics graduate programs involve advanced logic, algebra, statistics, game theory and geometry. Beyond formulas and calculations, mathematics is the technical foundation for science, engineering and technology.[iii] Search the directory for Masters and Doctorate degrees under the category of Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Programs which further includes:

  • Actuarial Science and Financial Engineering Graduate Programs  
  • Mathematics Graduate Programs
  • Statistics and Data Analytics Graduate Programs

On Campus or Online Degree?

While this may not always be the case, Math, Science and Engineering Graduate Programs may be found as on-campus (residential) programs as well as in online formats. If you know you want to look for Engineering Graduate Schools, simply refine your search by subject, degree level and ‘campus’, or conduct a location search. Maybe you have a specific city, state or country in mind. The more parameters you set, the easier it becomes to filter choices. If you are a working professional, some graduate schools may make their Math, Science, and Engineering Graduate degrees available online, or partially online (hybrid). In either case, use these criteria to help you find programs in your category.


Institutions of higher education in the U.S. can be accredited nationally by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, as well as regionally by any of the six regional accreditors recognized by them. At the program level, since Math Science and Engineering Graduate programs span so many disciplines, students should check into the specifics of accreditation in their chosen field. In terms of applied science, computing engineering and engineering technology programs, these are accredited by ABET[xvi] whereas architecture graduate programs may be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.[xvii] This type of accreditation ensures your curriculum measures up to industry standards.

Find 206 STEM Graduate Programs near Ontario

If you enjoy critical thinking, problem-solving, scientific investigation or research, Math, Science and Engineering Graduate Programs are available to leverage your skills as well as foster new ones. Browse our sponsored listings to find options that could include Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Biology, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Executive Master’s in Software Engineering, Doctor of Computer Science -Big Data Analytics Executive Format. Make sure to request info from the prospective graduate schools. Especially when it comes down to what is required for your application and due dates!

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