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Online Math Science and Engineering Graduate Programs offer students and working professionals the opportunity to take their next academic step through the convenience of digital technology. Whereas an undergraduate degree can teach the basics, STEM graduate degrees provide specialized training and understanding of how to apply your technical skills to real problems. But the impetus to earn a Masters or Doctorate degree online does not stop with your new found knowledge. Evidence points to science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduate degree holders being geared for positions of leadership within organizations[i], and in some positions, higher pay[ii].

STEM Online Grad Degree

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Online Math Science and Engineering Graduate programs, awarded as graduate certificates, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, are available in fields that range from environmental sciences and policy to biotechnology and business analytics. Browse our directory to find out the type of online STEM graduate degree you need, and then look for an accredited graduate school that offers the level of education you require whether it is in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.


“Because more engineers are taking on managerial responsibilities, more schools are offering master’s degree programs that focus on the application of engineering principles to industry rather than on basic research. These programs include coursework in finance, project management, and other areas of business. They may increase workers’ chances for advancement”[iii]

Online Science Graduate Programs

Online science graduate programs may offer students the opportunity to engage in research, learn how to lead laboratory teams and make managerial decisions. Distance learners may be able to find nearby facilities for any laboratory component or there may be scheduled visits to their campus for the courses that need to be done in person. Explore your options in the life, physical and social sciences:

  • Online Biology Graduate Programs includes biochemistry, cell & molecular biology, genetics & genomics
  • Online Biomedical Science Graduate Programs includes biotechnology, immunology & cancer biology
  • Online Environmental Science Graduate Programs includes agricultural science & agronomy, botany & plant science, conservation biology, ecology, marine science
  • Online Neuroscience Graduate Programs
  • Online Physical Sciences Graduate Programs
  • Online Physiology Graduate Programs includes human physiology
  • Online Veterinary and Animal Sciences Graduate Programs

Online Engineering Graduate Programs

Online Engineering graduate programs may prepare current engineers and architects learn business management skills in their engineering specialty or move into research and development. For instance, civil engineers typically need a graduate degree and licensure for promotion to senior positions[iv]. Since a degree from an ABET accredited program is needed in order to earn the professional engineer (PE) license, make sure that you look for this as you peruse online engineering programs[v].

  • Online Aerospace Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Architecture Graduate Programs includes construction management, urban & landscape design
  • Online Biological and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Civil Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Online Engineering Management Graduate Programs
  • Online Environmental Engineering Graduate Programs includes petroleum engineering
  • Online Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs includes industrial engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, transportation engineering and management

Online Mathematics Graduate Programs

Online mathematics graduate programs prepare students for jobs within private industry, or careers in academia[vi]. Many universities offer masters and doctoral degrees in theoretical or applied mathematics;[vii]browse our listings:

Online STEM Graduate Certificates

Searching for an Online Math Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate? While not full degrees in their own right, an online graduate certificate may be a useful alternative. For one thing, certificates are shorter term and might marry well with a full time job. For another, in the event you can transfer the credits to a master’s program later on, you get the boost to your credentials and keep the door open to continued education.

Online Masters in Math Science and Engineering

Typically 1 to 2 years of study beyond the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s in Math, Science and Engineering programs entail coursework as well as a research paper, known as a thesis. In some fields, such as mathematics and statistics and biological scientists, workers with a Master’s degree may earn a higher wage than those with a Bachelor’s degree. [viii]

Online Doctor & PhD in Math Science and Engineering

Typically 3 to 4 years of study beyond the Bachelor’s degree, a doctoral degree usually involves coursework, examinations and a dissertation that contributes new knowledge to their field of research. A Doctoral degree is usually required for research and academic careers.[ix]

Online STEM Graduate Programs: Potential Features

First off, universities have different ways of formatting their online math science and engineering programs, so expect variance and when in doubt, ask questions. You can use the ‘request info’ tab to learn more. This is also a potentially good way of checking out how quickly a school gets back to you. This matters for online students where you may or may never need immediate tech support. Second, read whether the program is 100% online or partially online in which case, yes your courses may be online but you may have scheduled residency requirements. What else?

Online programs can be flexible: you don’t commute to the classroom; you attend a virtual classroom which is housed in a course management system. This method allows you to complete your assignments (on time), interact with classmates and professors and basically log in when convenient.

Online faculty: while some university’s online program mirrors its residential one, you may also be treated to a global network of lecturers and professors via pre-recorded or live streaming lectures or webinars.

Online programs can be interactive: distance learners may communicate with each other and their instructors through online discussion boards, group projects or in person, if there is an onsite component

Online programs may give you access: to digital libraries as well as the campus facilities. This might be helpful if you are earning an online math science and engineering degree in your own city. ‘Distance’ learning doesn’t have to mean your graduate school is out of state, it is a learning format to look for.

Take the Next Step

You now know that searching for an online math science and Engineering graduate degree is as easy as choosing your program and degree level. You may be surprised at the variety of sponsored program listings. Some of these might include online Master of Science in Measurement and Evaluation, online Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy, Online Master of Science in Biotechnology, online Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, online Doctor of Computer Science – Big Data Analytics (Executive Format). Make sure to do your homework in terms of accreditation standards in your field, and again, reach out to your choice schools. You want to stay on top of deadlines and get all your material in order for your application.

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  • Southern New Hampshire University

  • Saint Leo University

  • American University

  • Pennsylvania State University

  • East Central University

  • Notre Dame of Maryland University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Utica College