Iowa Math, Science & Engineering Hybrid Graduate Programs

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering graduate programs, offered as graduate certificates, Masters and Doctorate degrees, blend the convenience of an online program with a low residency experience of your graduate school. For working professionals returning for their next academic step, this learning format may bridge the gap between where you are and where you hope to be. While an undergraduate degree may be a foundation of learning and theory, graduate school presents the opportunity to go deeper and take what you know to solve different problems and real-world issues.

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Graduate Programs

Types of Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Graduate Programs

Whether you enjoy the life sciences, the natural sciences, electrical engineering or neuroscience, there are Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Graduate Programs to suit your goals. Often referred to as STEM programs, science math and engineering are in and of themselves quite broad. While technology graduate programs are not highlighted in this section, computer technology and informatics courses may be found in the other disciplines.

STEM: S for Science

Hybrid Science Graduate programs may be offered in the life, physical and social sciences. These programs may entail a substantial laboratory component, experiments, scientific research and observation. Look through our directory for options such as:

  • Hybrid Biology Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: biochemistry, cell & molecular biology, genetics & genomics)
  • Hybrid Biomedical Science Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: biotechnology, immunology & cancer biology)
  • Hybrid Environmental Science Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: agricultural science & agronomy, botany & plant science, conservation biology, ecology, marine science)
  • Hybrid Neuroscience Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Physical Sciences Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, geography, geology. Meteorology, physics)
  • Hybrid Physiology Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: human physiology)
  • Hybrid Veterinary & animal sciences Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: veterinary sciences & medicine, zoology & wildlife)

STEM: E for Engineering

Hybrid Engineering Graduate programs are offered in many disciplines, especially as the Masters in Engineering degree is becoming more common[i]. These programs often provide management training[ii], or prepare engineers to work in research and development[iii]. Search our directory for:

  • Hybrid Aerospace Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Architecture Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: construction management, urban & landscape design)
  • Hybrid Biological & Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Civil Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Engineering Management Graduate Programs
  • Hybrid Environmental Engineering Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: petroleum engineering)
  • Hybrid Industrial & Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: industrial engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, transportation engineering and management)

STEM: M for Mathematics

Hybrid Mathematics Graduate Programs also span different disciplines where numerical, spatial and logical relationships are used to study and solve problems, improve efficiency or analyze data. Look through our directory for:

  • Hybrid Mathematics & Statistics Graduate Programs (Sub-categories: actuarial science, financial engineering, mathematics, statistics & data analysis)

Why Choose a Blended Online STEM Graduate Program?

While many STEM jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree, the more technical and advance jobs (such as research) usually require a Master’s or Doctoral Degree[iv]. Hybrid Math Science and Engineering graduate programs may make it possible for someone who is already working and entrenched in their community, to earn a graduate degree. How?

  • Online courses may be prerecorded or live streaming, so you do not have to be on premises which is great if you live far or travel for work
  • On campus courses may be offered as intensives, or as scheduled weekly or weekend classes; these give you a chance, to network, meet professors, collaborate.
  • As a fairly flexible format, blended online programs also give you the same access to facilities and university support services as do the residential programs.
  • You can still look for accredited programs and universities as 'hybrid' is a legitimate program format, even though it may be harder to find.

Types of Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Graduate Degrees

If you are not quite ready for a Master’s degree and you can find a graduate certificate in your field, this is one way to either pave the way for a graduate degree at a later date (transfer credits), or acquire new skills in the short term. If you are thinking ahead from high school, some universities may offer a joint Bachelor’s-Master’s program, otherwise a Master’s degree is an additional one to two years past your undergraduate degree. If you ready for a Doctorate degree, you can look for either the research PhD or the professional doctorate degree in Math, Science and Engineering fields.

Take the Next Step

If you are hoping to find a university with a Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Graduate program, one of the ways to conduct a focused search is to narrow down your choice of program and degree level. You can certainly also take advantage of our location search tabs (city, state, country), or just scroll down this page for an overview of sponsored listings. Some of these might include Hybrid Master of Science in Engineering Management, Hybrid Master of Science in Analytics are only a few of many possibilities. Start your selection process, and make sure to request information from your choice schools, they all have unique features to consider.

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