Online Marketing and Advertising Graduate Programs

Online marketing programs help students explore marketing and advertising theory, practice, and application in depth. Form a solid foundation by studying subjects such as marketing management, marketing analytics, and creative advertising; and broaden your knowledge by studying elective subjects such as digital marketing or international advertising.

Choose from certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate degree options. Whether you want to pursue a marketing communications degree online or study another area of marketing and advertising, we’ve got options for you!

Options for Pursuing an Online Marketing Degree or Certificate

Online marketing degrees comes in a variety of levels, shapes, and flavors, each designed to help you increase your knowledge of marketing and advertising broadly or to focus your knowledge on a specific area of the subjects.

At the master’s degree level of education, you might pursue:

  • An online Master of Science in Marketing
  • An online Master of Science in Marketing with an emphasis on Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • An online Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • An online Master of Arts in Advertising
  • An online master’s degree in Internet or Digital Marketing
  • An online Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing

Within these and other types of online marketing programs, students might be able to further focus their learning through concentrations, tracks, or electives. Digital marketing, marketing analytics, advertising, and public relations are just some examples of subjects students might emphasize in their programs.

At the doctorate degree level of education, you might pursue:

  • A Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing
  • A Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management with an emphasis on Marketing
  • A Doctor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing
  • A Doctorate in Advertising

Many doctorate-level online marketing and advertising degree programs enable students to concentrate their learning not through concentrations and tracks, but through elective studies and research.

At the graduate certificate level of education, you might pursue:

  • An online certificate in Integrated Digital Marketing
  • An online certificate in Marketing
  • An online certificate in Customer- or Data-driven Marketing
  • An online certificate in Marketing Strategy
  • An online certificate in Advertising
  • An online certificate in Advertising Sales
  • An online certificate in Digital Advertising

These and other online certificate programs in marketing and advertising enable students to learn about the field of marketing or advertising, or deepen their knowledge in a particular area of one of the subjects. They can enhance a bachelor’s degree or specialize a master’s degree.

Popular Online Programs in Marketing & Advertising


Doctor of Business Administration – Marketing


Master of Science in Marketing


Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Marketing


Marketing and Advertising Management


Digital Marketing Certificate

Graduate Certificate

Marketing and Advertising Management


Masters of Science in Marketing Analytics


Online Marketing and Advertising Graduate Programs

Online Marketing Requirements for Certificates and Degrees

Certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree programs are basically short, medium, and long programs that go into increasing depth or breadth. A certificate typically offers an introduction to marketing or advertising or one component of the subjects; a master’s degree typically offers an in-depth look at marketing or advertising and an area of one or the other; and a doctorate degree typically offers an opportunity to become an expert in the field and subject—someone who can teach others about marketing or advertising and contribute meaningful research to the field.

Consistent with this:

  • Earning an online certificate in marketing or advertising typically involves taking five to seven courses over six months to one year. Courses blend core curricula with elective curricula, and students typically do not take a comprehensive exam or complete a cumulative research project unless both are part of a course.
  • Earning an online master’s degree in marketing or advertising typically involves taking fifteen to twenty courses over one to two years (though typically two). To conclude their master’s degree programs, marketing and advertising students typically have to write and defend a thesis or complete another research project, such as a portfolio or presentation.
  • Earning an online doctorate degree in marketing or advertising typically involves taking numerous courses and conducting extensive research over four to five years. During their programs, doctorate students might participate in teaching or research assistantships. At the end of their programs, students typically write and defend a dissertation and may have to take a cumulative exam and/or present a portfolio.

Marketing and Advertising Courses Online: Common Curricula

In general, online marketing programs and online advertising programs incorporate digital, branding, and analytics components of marketing and advertising to help students wrap their minds around the entire process of an ad or marketing campaign. However, some programs might focus primarily on just one of the components.

Otherwise, online classes typically cover the same kind of material as on-campus ones. In them, students commonly learn about marketing or advertising theory and practice, investigate case studies, work on group projects digitally, and complete individual assignments. Students may also interact with classmates in digital formats to discuss readings and ideas.

Some specific topics you might study to get a marketing degree online include:

  • Marketing management
  • Business or marketing analytics
  • Communication for management
  • Branding and pricing strategy
  • Internet marketing

Courses in subjects like these help form a core marketing curriculum.

Students can then take electives courses that either discuss the above mentioned topics in greater depth or allow students to explore a different area of marketing such as:

  • New ventures
  • Technology commercialization
  • Data warehousing
  • Retail strategy
  • Web and social analytics

If you opt to study advertising online, you’ll likely study subjects like these:

  • Advertising theory
  • Consumer research and insights
  • Branding and ad campaigning
  • Client relations
  • Creative advertising concepts

Online advertising courses like these help students develop their core knowledge of the subject.

In addition to core courses like those above, advertising students will likely select from electives to enhance or focus their knowledge. Some examples of potential electives include:

  • Content strategy
  • Ethics
  • Digital marketing
  • International advertising
  • Campaign planning

Why Study Marketing or Advertising Online?

There’s an obvious answer to this, and one you might be intimately familiar with: studying any subject online allows for a greater level of flexibility and in some cases, more options.

The flexibility derives from online students’ ability to access course materials and discussions at times convenient to them. While some online marketing programs might require students to visit campus on occasion, most enable students to pursue their certificate or degree from the comfort of their own home or office.

In terms of online programs offering more options, because students access coursework from a distance, they can “attend” programs across the country and world. For students who live in areas without a college or university or who want to pursue advanced education at a particular institution, this is an obvious plus.

Besides these obvious ones, there are other great reasons to pursue an online advertising degree or one in marketing:

  1. In today’s digital world, a lot of marketing and advertising happens digitally. Learning how to interact with classmates, communicate your ideas digitally, and navigate online platforms for learning, can help develop your digital skills and knowhow.
  2. Because people from across the country and world can access online programs, your classes may be more diverse and have an international populace. This too can help you sharpen your communication skills and learn how to work with people from different backgrounds.
  3. Online programs are so popular and common today that numerous resources exist for online students to have a great experience. You’ll likely be able to easily access libraries, professors, classmates, professionals in the field, group opportunities, and other opportunities historically more accessible to on-campus students.

Popular Marketing Degrees

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
Master of Business Administration in Business Marketing California Coast UniversityMBA
Marketing (Distance Learning)Durham UniversityMS
M.B.A.: MarketingGrand Canyon UniversityMBA
M.B.A. in MarketingPurdue University GlobalMBA
MS MarketingSouthern New Hampshire UniversityMS
MBA: MarketingSaint Leo UniversityN/A
Master of Business Administration emphasis MarketingKing UniversityN/A
Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) – MarketingWalden UniversityDBA
Digital Marketing Masters – OnlineFull Sail UniversityMS
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Strategic MarketingNorthcentral UniversityN/A
MBA MarkertingCampbellsville UniversityN/A
Doctor of Business Administration: MarketingLiberty University OnlineDBA

Career Options in Marketing and Advertisement

With a graduate degree in marketing, you can work in numerous capacities:

  • You might work as an Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager. Professionals in this position earned a median annual salary of $129,380 in 2017.i
  • Or you might work as a Market Research Analyst. Workers in this group earned a median annual salary of $63,230 in 2017.ii
  • Another option is to work as a Public Relations Specialist. These professionals earned a median annual salary of $59,300 in 2017.iii
  • If you earn a doctorate degree, you might work as a professor at a college or university. Professionals in this area earned a median annual salary of $76,000 in

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that positions in these areas will grow by nine to 23 percent between 2016 and 2026.iv

Did You Know? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s 2017 audit, professionals don’t necessarily have to have a graduate degree to pursue work in marketing or advertising. However, 23 percent of market research analysts and marketing specialists held master’s degrees that same year, and those workers earned a mean annual wage that was $25,000 higher than professionals who held a bachelor’s degree.

Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Marketing Managers
Metro AreaAnnual Mean SalaryEmployment
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$182,4905,630
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA$176,52023,200
Visalia-Porterville, CA$172,96040
Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA$165,350540
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$161,7709,370

Bureau of Labor Statistics Offers 54 Online Marketing Graduate Programs

Numerous online marketing programs exist, and we are here to help you find your perfect path. Whether you want to pursue an online advertising degree, study marketing management online, pursue an online business and marketing degree, or otherwise dive into these exciting fields, we have options for you. Browse the programs below to get started.

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