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Earning an online graduate degree in professional writing might be a good option for individuals interested in using their communication skills to create and publish content in a number of different capacities.  Graduates of an online professional writing degree program might choose to pursue potential career opportunities as technical writers, creative writers, poets, publishers, or bloggers.

Earning a degree in professional writing online often provides a degree of flexiblity in terms of class schedules and assignment deadlines.  Students enrolled in an online profressional writing program may have the opportunity to complete assignments and participate in classroom discussion using technology to subsitute for face-to-face interaction.  A online professional writing degree might be a good option for individuals interested in continuing their education who are limited by time or geographic constraints.  

Students pursuing their professional writing degree online are likely to encounter much of the same coursework as students in a campus based professional writing program. Coursework in an online professional writing degree program might include; creative writing, (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, screenwriting, promotional writing, technical writing, business communication, scientific writing, journalism, grant writing, and more.

Online professional writing programs are available in many degree levels.  Search for online professional writing masters degree programs, online professional writing Ph.D. programs, or online professional writing graduate certificate programs on

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