Connecticut Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate Programs

Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate programs offer a convenient and low residency learning format, as they include both on campus and online styles. Whether you are a writing major seeking more technical or creative skills, or you write professionally and want to learn to write more persuasively, a graduate degree in Literature and Writing is worth considering, and perhaps for you, more attainable in the hybrid program format.

Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate Program Essentials

Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate programs are available as master of arts, master of fine arts, doctorate and graduate certificates, and many universities have admission protocols which include submission of a sample of your writing. A graduate degree in Literature and Writing may connect you with different professions; the ability to read and interpret complicated texts and to transpose complicated ideas in writing is an integral skill in different fields. Perhaps the most obvious path for those with Literature and Writing graduate degrees is that of editor, technical writer, author or journalist[i], although not surprisingly, this background may be helpful to potential careers in public relations and fundraising.[ii]

FUN FACT: Some employers of Public Relations or Fundraising Managers prefer a candidate with a master’s degree, particularly in public relations, journalism, fundraising, or nonprofit management. Courses in advertising, business administration, public affairs, public speaking, and creative and technical writing can be helpful (BLS)[iii].

Types of Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate Programs

Apart from the degree level, explore sponsored listings in a variety of focused areas within the broader context of literature and writing. These include:

Hybrid Creative Writing Graduate Programs

Creative Writing Graduate Programs are usually

MFA degrees that allow students to cultivate their ability to write in a particular genre such as fiction or children’s literature, but certainly creative writing encompasses poetry and screenwriting as well as novels. Students are likely to learn how to craft a narrative, develop characters and use literary tropes such as allegories and metaphors.[iv] Graduate-level study may also incorporate aspects of business strategy such as how to market your written texts.

Hybrid Literature Graduate Programs

Literature Graduate Programs study any kind of writing, including oral literature, fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Students often choose an area they would enjoy analyzing or researching, whether this is a specific epoch or genre.

Hybrid Professional Writing Programs

Professional Writing Graduate Programs may be geared to teachers, journalists, marketing and advertising professionals or public relations specialists and others who need to write in their professional careers. This usually involves learning who your audience is, how to influence them through persuasive professional writing or even how to write for entertainment or in industries such as law and engineering where concise professional writing is necessary.

Why Choose a Hybrid Graduate Program in Literature and Writing?

Masters programs may appeal to current professionals who see the value in advanced knowledge, new and refined techniques or applied theory.

The appeal of online

The element of having course material delivered via online technology may be viewed as a convenient option to attending class on campus on a full-time basis. Some courses or course material is typically available online and students can use some autonomy in logging in when they are able from wherever they have Internet and a computer set up.

The need for in-person

However, in general, graduate level writing (creative writing) classes are usually taught in a workshop format as opposed to seminars. In these workshops, students usually submit their work for peer review and critique, or learn to fine tune their writing skills by writing and re-writing. Some classes may focus on editing, structural techniques, genres, idea generating and writer’s block unlocking exercises[v] which may benefit from in-person classroom learning.

Blended online

Hybrid Literature and Writing Graduate programs blend these two learning methods, which is why they are sometimes referred to as ‘blended online’. Students get the benefits of interacting in real time with each other and their professors. This face to face aspect may take the form of campus requirements that may include one-one mentoring, brief residencies on-campus for intensives or scheduled meetings.

Take the Next Step

If you find it encouraging to participate, want to possibly build your networks or meet established writers in person but don’t want to commute to class every day, why not look into aHybrid Literature and Writing Graduate Program? Start reviewing sponsored listings such as Master of Arts in Science Writing, Master of Arts in Literature and Writing, MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction), or any of the other fascinating choices. All you have to do to initiate a search is to use the ‘hybrid’ tab in the area of your choice, at the degree level that you specify. Then reach out to the individual graduate schools for more information so you can land on the program that aligns with any ambitions or interests that you have.

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