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Attending a creative writing grad school could help you further develop your writing abilities. No matter the degree level, creative writing graduate schools may emphasize practical application of your writing skills and knowledge in workshop classes. As part of these classes, you and your peers could submit recent pieces for feedback. The classroom could be a welcoming support system for you to experiment with your work.  Also, some programs may offer additional courses in literary studies to flesh out your understanding of the craft. A creative writing grad school may be a perfect way to practice your craft alongside like-minded authors and stretch your creative muscles.

Choosing Your Writing Style

As part of your creative writing graduate program school experience, you could have the chance to focus your studies on your preferred genre of writing. This way, you could dive into specific techniques, tropes, and literary criticism associated with your particular genre. As part of a program, you could have the chance to study some of the following.

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Literary Translation

Genres covered in the program may differ by school. Be sure to speak with potential schools for more information.

Different Creative Writing Degrees

Depending on your academic goals and previous academic experience, you could study creative writing at many different levels. Below is a brief overview of several types of programs offered by creative writing grad schools. 

  • Masters in creative writing degrees are holistic programs that combine academic study with practical application. Courses first focus on teaching about the art of writing. For example, they may teach critical analysis, literary adaption, and cross-genre writing. Students could also test their skills and knowledge
  • in workshop classes. These classes require students to submit works in progress for feedback from professors and fellow students.
  • Graduate certificates in creative writing are a shorter version of the masters program. Often, these programs place less emphasis on academic courses and more on workshops. This is a perfect program for students who want a quick introduction to writing. Or, this might be a great way to try out graduate courses before committing to a masters or doctorate program.
  • Doctoral programs in creative writing, like the certificate programs, place their emphasis on the workshop experience. Students may be tasked with writing, editing, and publishing a completed work by the end of the program in lieu of a traditional dissertation.

Degrees offered may differ by school.

Creative Writing Grad School Residency Programs

Many creative writing grad schools require students to take part in a residency program. During these programs, students may live on campus while they focus on writing new pieces. Low-residency programs may last around 10 days. But, high-residency programs may last 2 to 6 weeks. Speak with your school for more residency information.

Why Earn Your Creative Writing Degree on Campus?

Attending a creative writing grad school may seem like the typical way to earn a graduate degree. Granted, there are many potential benefits to studying in the physical classroom. For example, consider some of the following reasons to attend a creative writing grad school.  

  • You could attend workshop classes in-person. This way, you could hear feedback on your piece from your peers face-to-face and ask for clarification.
  • Speaking of your peers, your classmates might be a great resource to have on hand when publishing your own work. Taking classes with your peers could also be an opportunity to build contacts. This is important as networking could be a vital part of your professional writing work after graduation. 
  • Many programs offer students the chance to student teach creative writing at the undergraduate level during studies. This might be a perfect way to flesh out your professional, creative-writing resume.

Next Steps to Find a Creative Writing Grad School

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