Vermont Hybrid Creative Writing Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

Want to get the best of both worlds when it comes to learning? Hybrid graduate programs in creative writing combine the flexibility of online learning with local graduate college classes in creative writing. That means you can learn online at your convenience but you still have a chance to interact with students and build a personal network in the classroom. And it can be nice to put a face to your classmates!

If you’re ready to perfect your skills and pursue a career as a creative writer enrolling in a hybrid creative writing graduate program could be a good first step. Whether you’re interested in writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s books—or even screenplays—there are a wide variety of graduate degree programs in creative writing to help you hone your skills.. You can expect to work on your writing portfolio; participate in group critique sessions; do intensive writing workshops; and delve deep into the techniques for the particular type of writing that you’re specializing in. You may also learn how to market your writing—which should come in handy once you graduate. Learn more about hybrid online/campus graduate degrees in creative writing today!

Filter your hybrid search by degree for Hybrid Masters Programs in Creative Writing or Ph.D. Doctorate Hybrid Programs in Creative Writing. Just starting out? Consider a Hybrid Graduate Certificate in Creative writing.

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