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An online comparative Literature graduate program allows you to study literature across national and cultural boundaries without having to leave your home.  Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary field that encourages you to explore the relationship between literature and psychology, philosophy, science, history, architecture, sociology, politics, critical thinking, and language.  Comparative Literature is the study of "literature without borders." An online comp lit degree will provide you with an understanding of individual authors, influences, literary movements, forms, and genres in a comparative critical framework. Read Shakespeare, Hamlet, Proust, comedy, tragedy, poetry, and more, while gaining an understanding of the cultural context in which they were written.

Comparative literature majors may go on to careers in fields such as: academia, the arts and media, theater, film, journalism, law, marketing, public relations, publishing, or teaching.

Maybe you’re already working full time or have a family, then an online comparative literature program could be a good fit for you. Online programs provide you the flexibility to take classes on your time, while still enhancing your current education. Search for graduate programs with an online format to find a program that’s right for you!

Are you ready to take your passion for reading and literature to the next level? Search for a graduate program in Comparative Literature. Whether it be an online Master of Arts in English, a Graduate Certificate in Literature Comparative online or an online PhD comp lit, you can find the graduate program that is best for you. Start your search now!

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