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Benefits of LLM Programs

Why earn a LLM Masters of Law Degree? For the student looking to pursue studies after once they have completed their Juris Doctor (JD) Degree, The Masters of Laws (LLM) Degree is an academic degree. Also LLM degrees are considered an advanced Law certification. Usually it is a one-year of full-time academic program. The Master of Laws Degree has global credibility. LLM Programs are offered by U.S. and Canadian Law Schools. They are desirable programs if you are an international student who wishes to gain access to these global credentials. 


LLM Programs are also appealing to JD graduates who desire advanced legal study. In some jurisdictions, the “Master of Laws”(abbreviated ‘LL.M’), is the basic professional degree for admission into legal practice.

Are you ready to start looking into accredited Master of Law Graduate programs? GradSchools.com makes this search a simple one. First of all, you can determine where these programs are available by performing a location search. Just use the tabs and enter a popular city, state or country.

You can also search by program format. For instance, are you dreaming of attending a prestigious campus? Or, are you looking for a more flexible format? If so, you can pursue your Masters of Law Degree online. Or, choose the hybrid format which combines taking courses online with the low-residency college campus experience.

LLM Degree Types

You can further pinpoint the right Master of Law Grad Program by refining your search based on a specialty area you are hoping to build your career on, such as Health Law. You can also browse through the different program levels. For instance, you can  earn these types of degrees:

Naturally, there are many options for this classic academic program. Start your search for an accredited Master of Law Grad or Masters of Health Law Graduate Program. Begin pursuing your Master of Law Degree soon!

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