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Types of Law Enforcement Graduate Programs Online

Interested in potentially enhancing your qualifications in the law enforcement field? Do you already have a bachelors in law enforcement? If so, you may want to consider earning a criminal justice degree that focuses on a specialilzation in law enforcement administration or security management.

A doctorate or Master of Science in Security Management provides students with an depth of background in security fundamentals, including terrorism and homeland defense, cyber-security and information protection, and critical infrastructure, as well as management topics including principles and theories of security management. 

Why Earn Your Law Enforcement Degree Online?

What are the benefits of online law enforcement policing investigation degree programs? The biggest plus is that you’ll have the flexibility to decide where and when you need to learn. So it’s easier to fit your coursework within your personal and work commitments. And you’ll still have the chance to interact with fellow students in your online classes by participating in forum discussions and by taking part in group projects online.

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