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On-campus romance languages graduate programs provide students with language skills in the romance languages. Romance languages include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian, are rooted in Latin, and are spoken around the world. An on-campus graduate school Spanish degree, as with degrees in the other romance languages, offers training in literary theory and language acquisition—speaking, writing, and reading. A graduate degree in Spanish may open up exciting careers in international business, tourism, and government. Many graduate programs in Spanish also offer teaching certificates for K-12 schools, translation, and Masters and Ph.D. degrees for teaching at the university level.

At a university, graduate programs in Spanish and other romance language programs can often be done on part-time or full-time schedules. Many offer study abroad opportunities due to the nature of the subject. In both cases, you may have the opportunity to work with other students and faculty who are passionate about the romance languages. There are graduate programs on campus for masters degrees (Master of French Language and Literature degree and Master of Spanish degree) and doctorate degrees (Doctorate of Spanish degree and Doctorate of Modern Languages and Literatures degree), as well as certificates (Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literature Graduate Certificate)—some with the following specializations: literature, translation, Spanish, French, and Italian studies, marketing and communications, and education. Whichever path you choose, graduate programs in Spanish and other languages offer many options for students to explore their passion for language and achieve work towards their career goals.

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