Salt Lake City On-Campus Graduate Programs in Languages, Linguistics & Translation

There are many different career paths open to those who choose a campus graduate program in linguistics. Campus graduate programs in linguistics lead to an understanding of language and its underlying structure. Campus languages graduate degrees can also help students hone their translation skills or fluency in foreign languages. Students with campus graduate degrees in linguistics find work as translators and interpreters, in law and publishing and even as computer programmers.

If you’re looking for a campus graduate degree in linguistics, you have a lot of options. You might be interested in an on-campus MA in Slavic Languages and Literatures of an MS in Computational Linguistics. Or you can get a PhD in Linguistics or Modern Languages like French, German or Japanese. If you’re looking for professional certification, you can get a campus Graduate Certificate in Translation.

A campus graduate degree in linguistics has many benefits for students. You have the opportunity for direct interaction with instructors as well as the ability to build a network of future professionals. offers powerful search options to help find the campus graduate degree that’s best for you. It’s easy to filter your search by location to find a program all over the country and around the globe. And you can filter your search by type of degree, whether it’s an online master’s, PhD or graduate certificate. is the perfect way to find the online linguistics graduate degree that is best for you!

Find the perfect online Graduate Program in Languages for you! Filter your search by specialty such as campus-based Masters in Modern Languages, Filter by degree, campus, and location to find the best linguistic graduate programs that will fit your needs.

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