California Online Foreign Languages Graduate Programs & Schools

Online foreign language graduate programs are offered in a number of different specializations, students may be able to pursue a foreign language degree in traditional languages including; French, German, Spanish, Chinese,and Japanese; to more exotic language like Arabic, Finnish, Latin, and Portuguese.  Some online foreign language degree programs even allow you to enroll in a multilingual track where you can study two or more languages at once. Some online foreign language degrees are interdisciplinary in nature, coursework may include cultural studies, cinema, art, translation, linguistics and business. An online graduate of a foreign language degree programs can expect to have a strong foundation the cultures and literatures of their chosen language area.

Foreign Language graduate programs that are offered online create a more flexible learning environment. Many programs might allow you to complete coursework on your own time. Students in an online foreign language degree program have the opportunity to work on assignments at home, from a coffee shop, or the local library, an foreign language degree program allows you to learn in a flexible space. Just make sure there’s wifi on hand! Online foreign language programs are structured very similarly to their campus based counterparts, they have become increasingly interactive through the use of new social technology using advanced forums and a plethora group project tools. Search for online foreign language degree programs such as a Graduate Certificate in French, Master’s in East Asian Languages and Literature, or a Ph.D. in France and Romance Philology online.  Find what meets your needs and wants by searching for online foreign language graduate programs!

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