United States Foreign Language Graduate Schools & Programs

Foreign language campus graduate curricula are designed to meet the needs of students pursuing academic and other professional careers that necessitate intercultural proficiency. Earning a campus based degree in foreign languages may require students to not only learn how to speak another language, but about the history and culture that is defined by that language.

Looking for a foreign language grad program near you? Hoping to be close to friends and family? Search by location to find accredited colleges which offer foreign language graduate programs in near your hometown! Maybe you’re interested in studying away from your hometown? If that is the case, you can look into global foreign language graduate programs that could take you to stimulating, new countries, while you’re earning your degree. How cool would it be to study Portuguese in Brazil or Dutch in Belgium? Why not start your international search today?

You can find foreign language degree programs at any level of graduate study.  Search for campus based foreign language Ph.D. programs, campus based foreign language master's programs, and campus based foreign language graduate certificate programs.

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