International Education Graduate Programs (Online)

Online International Education Graduate programs offer working professionals the opportunity to study the policies, practices and cultures of different regions in order to either teach abroad or manage a multicultural educational setting. Distance-learning is often a great alternative to residential programs since they offer scheduling flexibility. If you are interested in studying and sharing ideas about curriculum, policy and pedagogy with educators from all over the world, teaching abroad, or moving into a leadership capacity, earning a graduate degree in international education may be a rewarding choice.

Online International Education Graduate Programs: Basics

Offered as masters degrees, doctoral degrees and certificates, online International Education Graduate Programs are geared to train educators to work in international and multinational settings that could range from private schools to remote villages; usually students are interested in examining education in real-world settings with the goal of finding ways to improve or learn from different regions.

These programs may involve some of the following:

  • Collaboration
  • Travel / Teach abroad
  • Previous teaching experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • An internship
  • Coursework, research topics and electives.

What is International Education?

While online international education graduate programs vary they are often interdisciplinary in nature, with influences from the social sciences. Future global educators and education administrators can gain a critical understanding of education in different countries, cross cultural exchange and curriculum development. Often students pursue a course of study in line with their teaching experience, goals or interests since these differ. Coursework depends on the emphasis of your degree but might include subjects such as:

  • Education policy
  • Education management
  • Pedagogical methods
  • Intercultural communication
  • Community-based education
  • Diplomacy and conflict resolution
  • Development of instructional material and content
  • Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Study Abroad
  • Literacy

Why Consider an Online International Education Degree?

If you have a job or live too far from an accredited Masters or PhD International Education program, earning your degree online provides a convenient alternative. Many programs feature the same faculty and curriculum as their residential ones with the exception that students don’t have to leave their jobs or communities to earn their degree. Some programs allow online learners to study and complete their assignments at their own pace. This may be combined with short residential study abroad experiences.

Online Masters in International Education

Some online International Education Masters programs are aimed at students who have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution while others may be tailored for those with an undergraduate degree in education and a teaching license. Look for an online master’s degree that provides the skills you need to pursue a career in or outside of academia. For instance, some programs prepare students for different international teaching certificates or licenses so that they can be effective educators in different global settings. Other programs may be geared towards aspiring school principals, or program administrators. Another option to a full master’s degree might be to look into a graduate certificate which is shorter in term and targets specific skills or theory.

Online Doctorate International Education

Once again oriented to the working professional, online PhD in International Education programs are research intensive and may emphasize issues of cross cultural leadership, educational policy, and comparative education systems. As with the Masters programs, universities may offer partially-online programs where the coursework might be accessible via computer with the addition of studying abroad or visits to your main campus.

Take the Next Step

If you enjoy intercultural perspectives and want to be prepared to potentially manage educational programs abroad and in multinational settings, take the next step and look into Online graduate programs in International Education. Distance-learning may bridge the gap between your goals, the degree you have and your scheduling needs.

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