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Hybrid international education graduate programs provide students with the flexibility and benefits of both online and in class studies. These programs prepare students to work as teachers, scholars, and professionals in the field of education. A degree in international education also trains professionals to develop and facilitate workshops in different kinds of formats for different audiences in the private and public sectors. Hybrid international education degree programs focus on research, writing, and pedagogy and they offer this academic work in a global and interdisciplinary context. Some hybrid international education graduate programs also offer opportunities to do part or all of the degree work abroad. 

There are different degree types associated with hybrid international education graduate programs. Search by certificates, and you’ll find a hybrid International Education Graduate Certificate. Searching by masters will yield you degrees like a hybrid Master of International Education degree. Think about your career goals and then filter your search by the type of degree that career path requires or prefers.

There are hybrid international education degree schools around the world that offer both specialized and general training. In the area of specialized training, an international education degree program allows students to study education policy, curriculum development, and pedagogical methods and theories. Other programs focus on education management, study abroad, intercultural communication skills and community education (youth programs or public health), and Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL). For more general training, a degree in international education can prepare students for teaching around the world, earning teaching licenses and credentials, and developing curriculum and education programs for audiences beyond the traditional classroom. Students can divide their time between online and on-campus classroom formats and usually choose part-time or full-time study depending on one’s schedule.

Hybrid international graduate education schools offer many options for students to meet their needs and career goals. You can find the best international education graduate program for you by using our filters to search by location, degree type, and program type. Start learning more about the different hybrids international education programs at accredited colleges and universities today!

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