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Are you considering pursuing a graduate level international business degree online? If so, you’ve come to a perfect place to learn more. Through Gradschools.com, you can explore your options for online graduate certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree programs in international business. You can learn about and compare programs and contact programs directly for additional information. You may find a program that wonderfully suits your interests and career goals. You can start browsing online international business graduate programs below or read more to learn about your online options for graduate school in international business.

What is International Business?

International business is an expansive field that basically comprises the economic and commercial transactions that businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals make transnationally. Some examples of economic transactions include capital, skills, and workforce, and some examples of commercial transactions include goods, services, and resources.[i]

Why Study International Business?

As an international business professional, you might need to understand a variety of social, cultural, political, and economic contexts throughout the world. For example, you might need to understand a country or region’s cultural norms, education systems, languages, accounting standards political and legal systems, economic policies, labor standards, living standards, environmental policies and climates, foreign exchange markets, import and export regulations, trade agreements and tariffs, and much more.[ii] Graduate international business programs may help you gain key and advanced knowledge in these important areas.

Why Pursue My Online International Business Degree?

There are many practical reasons to study international business online.

First, many graduate students work fulltime. Online

International Business Graduate Programs typically offer flexibility to students who need to access course materials at times convenient to them. Professional students may also save time through online programs by not having to drive to campus multiple times per week. The flexibility and accessibility of online programs may make pursuing your advanced certificate or degree possible. 

Second, many online international business graduate programs offer students access to online libraries and platforms that enable students and professors to interact directly or in groups. This means that students may be able to utilize important resources and easily interact with others in the program. This may make online learning more collaborative and social.

Third, with online programs it is possible for students to apply to schools across a state, country, and even the world. This may give students access to the programs of their choice and enable students to choose a program that meets their specific needs and goals.

Finally, online education may enable students to connect to students throughout the world and even travel the world as they pursue their graduate education. Gone are the days that students must stay in one place or wait until they’ve finished school to network with classmates and professionals. This gift of online programming may be of particular interest to students with global interests. 

What Graduate-Level International Business Degree Can I Pursue Online?

You can pursue a graduate certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate degree in international business online. Below is additional information to help you make a more informed choice.

The Master’s in International Business Online

Students might pursue one of three types of master’s degrees in international business online: a Master of Science in international business (M.S.), a Master of Art in international business (M.A.), or a Master of International Business (M.I.B). Each of these three types of international business master’s programs are similar because they typically focus solely on international business. Programs’ core curricula often introduces key areas of international business while elective curricula often invites students into a more nuanced or in-depth study of an area of international business.

Some students who want to pursue a master of international business online might pursue a Master of Business Administration in international business (M.B.A.). The M.B.A. is typically distinct from the M.I.B., M.A., or M.S. in international business in that its core curricula emphasizes general business (without an international context), and its elective curricula is what enables students to study international business.

Some online international business graduate programs enable students to pursue a master’s degree in international business and business administration at once. Programs like these typically require students to study both general and international business in depth.  

Students typically pursue an M.B.A., M.I.B., M.S., or M.A. in international business over one to two years of fulltime, intensive, or part-time study. At the ends of their programs, they might have to write a thesis, take a comprehensive exam, or complete another type of capstone project. They might also have to do an internship or work with a mentor. In online programs, students typically work with their advisors to find an internship or mentor in the students’ home cities. Of course every school and program differs, so be sure to check with your preferred programs for specific requirements and course details.

The Doctorate in International Business Online

Students might pursue one of two types of doctorate degrees in international business online: the Doctor of Philosophy in international business (Ph.D.) or the Doctor of Business Administration in international business (D.B.A.).

Ph.D. programs in international business typically offer core and elective coursework in areas of international business. Through Ph.D. programs, students might gain extensive and in-depth knowledge of international business and specific areas of international business. Students might further specialize their training through an intensive research project called a dissertation. To conclude their Ph.D. programs, students might have to defend their dissertation before a panel of faculty.

D.B.A. programs in international business typically offer core and elective coursework in areas of general business. Students may add international business to their coursework through a minor or electives. D.B.A. programs may or may not be research-intensive.

Students commonly pursue a Ph.D. or D.B.A. in international business through four to six years of fulltime or intensive study. At the ends of their programs, they might complete a capstone project (such as a dissertation) or take a comprehensive exam. They might also have to do an internship, work with a mentor, work as a research assistant, or do student teaching. In online programs, students typically do this work in their home cities. Check with your preferred programs to learn more about what you might expect.

The Graduate Certificate in International Business Online

An online graduate certificate in international business may help professionals further develop their knowledge in international business. Through core and elective curricula, students might study international business broadly or they might focus on a particular area. Some certificate programs give students a great degree of flexibility to pick their courses; others give very little. Either way, certificate programs typically require students to take four to ten courses over the course of three months to one year. For students who want to take just a few international business courses online, a certificate program might be their best bet.

What Might I Study as I Pursue Online International Business Graduate Programs?

In online international business graduate programs, you’ll likely study key principles, theories, and concepts in the field. You’ll also likely study some component of international business in depth.

In graduate certificate programs in international business, students might study core aspects of international business such as international business strategy; international trade and policy; international marketing, finance, accounting, or management; international economics; and international business as it relates to a particular region of the world.   

In online master’s degree programs in international business (particularly M.I.B., M.A., and M.S. programs), students might study subjects such as:

  • International accounting, marketing, operations, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and business policy
  • Global economics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics
  • Global business strategy
  • International business ethics and law
  • Globalization
  • Business mathematics
  • Financial management
  • Cross-cultural management and leadership
  • Research methodologies

Through elective study, students might delve into any of these areas in great depth and breadth. They might also study another language or a particular country or region of the world.

In online international business Ph.D. programs, students might study the subjects above plus conduct research in a specific area of international business. They might also study research methodologies in greater depth and also study subjects such as statistics, econometrics, research analysis, and research surveys. Ph.D. students typically must study classic and contemporary research in the field.

Finally, in online M.B.A. and D.B.A. programs, students might study general business subjects such as marketing, finance, operations, management, economics, entrepreneurships, business ethics and law, and research methodologies. Through elective study, M.B.A. and D.B.A. students might study any aspect of international business in-depth or the field more broadly.     

How Can I Find Online International Business Graduate Programs?

Gradschools.com has put together a list of online graduate programs in international business to help. Simply browse our list below to see your options for online certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree programs. Alternatively, you can search our site for Online International Business Graduate Programs at any level using the search tool to the left. We wish you luck as you begin your academic journey!


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