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A number of graduate schools offer Information Science degree programs at the Masters, Doctorate and grad certificate levels. If you are someone who enjoys being present in the classroom, brainstorming with others, and learning in real-time, studying on-campus is likely a great fit. Whether you prefer the research and analysis of informatics, the business strategy that goes with managing information systems, or the classification and cataloging of library science, there are fascinating options within Information Science to choose from. Find accredited universities and colleges with Information Science Graduate degree programs using an easy navigation menu to choose your preferred city, state or country.

Inside an Information Science Degree Graduate Program

At the graduate level, an Information Science Degree essentially studies the processes of collecting, manipulating, storing, retrieving and disseminating information[i]. This in itself speaks to the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Academically, graduate students can look for a program that focuses on information science from the computer science, library science or information technology perspectives which is one of the reasons there are so many options. 

DID YOU KNOW? “An information scientist is an individual, usually with a relevant subject degree or high level of subject knowledge, providing focused information to scientific and technical research staff in industry, a role quite distinct from and complementary to that of a librarian. The title also applies to an individual carrying out research in information science”.[ii]

Find a Graduate Certificate in Information Science

Looking for extra credentials? Not ready for an MIS graduate program but want to learn specific skills? Graduate Certificates in Information Science generally take less time than a master’s degree and

offer targeted courses to boost your knowledge.

Find a Masters in Information Science Program

Do you have a Bachelor’s in Information Science, information systems or computer science? Are you interested in management? Are you planning to pursue doctoral studies at a later date? Masters in Information Science programs may take around 2-years to complete and are offered in different formats such as the Master of Library Science, the Master of Science in Information Science and the Master of Business Administration with concentrations in your chosen field.

Find a Doctorate Information Science Program

Some Information Science PhD programs may be open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in their chosen field. These programs tend to prepare students for advanced research, scientific or academic roles and may take 4-5 years after an undergraduate degree[iii].

Types of Information Science Degree Campus Programs

When searching for graduate schools, it is important to know what level (masters, doctorate, certificate) as well as what type of Information Science degree you are seeking so that you can find accredited schools with strong programs in your academic domain.

Information Science

A graduate degree in information science may mean different things at each university; some graduate schools have a library and information science department, so it is important to read through curriculum details to get the bigger picture. This may be the right type of program for you if:

  • Are interested in scientific computing
  • Want to learn advanced mathematics, computer languages and programming,
  • Have an applied science and research background
  • Are interested in informatics and big data
  • Want to design databases, work in scientific informatics or research[iv]


Informatics graduate programs involve the practice of information processing and building of information systems. This type of degree in information sciences may appeal to you if:

  • Are interested in designing and developing support systems, mobile application or 3-D animations
  • Want to acquire tools to manage programming projects
  • Desire to improve and use your computing skills and programming techniques
  • Are interested in working in information technology and computing

Information Systems

As a specialized type of information science degree, information systems graduate programs may be a good fit if you:

  • Are interested in making technology-driven decisions and assessments
  • Enjoy preparing budgets and developing business strategies
  • Want to fine tune your business analytics and data mining skills
  • Are a project manager at heart
  • Are interested in potential jobs such as computing services directors and management information systems (MIS) directors.[v]

Library Science

Library and information science graduate programs may be a fit for you if:

  • Enjoy studying media technologies
  • Are interested in online research methodology
  • Desire digital literacy
  • Want to be able to work as a librarian[vi]

Guidelines for Selecting an information Science Graduate School

Choosing a graduate school is a process, for sure. You need to find a few schools to apply to, some may be slightly out of reach, some safe, some possibilities. A few tips to throw into the mix:

  • Check out course curriculums to get an accurate read on what you would be studying or researching
  • Read about what graduates of these programs are doing now with their degree
  • Think about whether you want to study in a small town, a rural setting or a cityscape
  • Look into faculty and what research projects they might be working on
  • For library science graduate programs, look for accreditation by the American Library Association[vii]
  • Grad School is a time to cultivate a niche for yourself, spend some time looking into various programs to see what lights your interests in terms of doing research or projects
  • Think about the credentials you need to work in your chosen field and evaluate graduate information science degree programs with this in mind

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