Texas Transportation Engineering & Management Hybrid Programs

Are you passionate about what goes into transportation management? Would you enjoy the flexibility of an online graduate degree combined with the social aspect of a campus life and the college experience? If so, a hybrid transportation engineering degree program is an option that may suit you.

Hybrid transportation graduate degree programs help to prepare the student for different career paths within this field. Transportation graduate programs focus on the practical and financial elements that go into managing public forms of transportation, such as buses and trains. Students may find opportunities to explore topics such as purchasing, distribution and business management principles, along with logistics, policy-making and transportation funding. If you are passionate about mathematics, science, engineering, and transportation, begin your search for hybrid transportation programs today!


Refine your search for a hybrid transportation engineering and management graduate degree program by degree type, such as a Graduate Certificate in Transportation Studies or a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering for Transportation. You can also filter your search by area to see what is available either locally or internationally.

Transportation is vital to the functioning of our cities, and a transportation engineering degree may be the beginning of an exciting career so start your search for the right hybrid graduate degree in this field now!

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