Maryland Industrial Design Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

If you’re interested in enhancing your credentials in the field of industrial design you may want to consider enrolling at an industrial design graduate school. So what ...

exactly is industrial design? It’s the process of creating products and systems that optimize value, function and appearance for consumers. To accomplish this, industrial design professionals create recommendations through models, drawings and descriptions—and work in concert with engineering, marketing, managing and manufacturing groups. Examples of products that industrial designers may develop include cars, toys or home appliances.

So what types of industrial design degrees can you choose from? Some options include degrees such as a Master of Science in Industrial Design, a Master in Package Design, or a Ph.D. in Product-Service-Systems Design, among others.

Grad Schools make your search as quick and easy as possible! Just filter by degree for Masters Programs in Industrial Design or Industrial Design Ph.D. Doctorate Graduate Programs. Not ready to commit to a degree program? Consider a Graduate Certificate in Industrial Design. Or search online Industrial Design graduate degrees.

Now, where would you like to study? Filter your search by location to find a wide variety of accredited colleges in your area—or around the world—that offer industrial design graduate programs. Just set your parameters and choose from the resulting list of graduate schools for industrial design to find the right one for you!