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An on campus humanities graduate program frequently focuses on questions of the nature of humanity, art, beauty and more. Asking and attempting to answer – Why are we here? What makes us human? How do we make a difference? A traditional humanities graduate school will offer you the face-to-face discussions and classroom experience that many crave for this type of program. The campus humanities degree also offers the opportunity to network with like-minded peers in your area.

Most humanities programs take an interdisciplinary approach, covering material from many interdisciplinary fields that may include art, classics, history, language, literature, philosophy, and religion. Some traditional humanities degrees will encourage drawing broadly for an interdisciplinary studies approach while others will encourage specialization and allow students to customize their program of study.

While less widespread, some humanities graduate schools offer a PhD. More schools offer a campus Master of Arts in Humanities. The local MA Humanities degree could prepare a student interested in community involvement or leadership roles in his or her organization, particularly in the non-profit sector.

You should consider different graduate humanities program formats available depending on what would best suit your needs. Some graduate programs in humanities may be part-time while others require a full-time commitment.

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