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Enrolling in human services graduate programs is the gateway to a number of fulfilling career paths. Human services degrees are an interdisciplinary field that helps people work towards self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. Human services workers might help people with their basic needs, such as feeding the hungry or running a homeless shelter. Or they might help with long-term issues like depression or substance abuse. Many human services graduates work in public health.

Types of Human Services Graduate Programs | Masters in Human Services & PhD Programs

All these wide-ranging responsibilities mean that human services graduate students have many choices. You might earn a Masters Degree in Human Services such as MA in Human Rights Studies. Many pursue an MA or PhD in Health and Human Services. Current human services professionals can move forward in their career with a Graduate Certificate in Family Studies.

With so many possibilities, it can be tough to find the right degree in human services for you. can help. First, filter your search by type of degree—master’s, certificate or PhD. Then filter your degree by city, state and country.

There are few careers more rewarding than helping people improve their own lives. Get your start with an undergraduate degree in human services, as either an associates degree or bachelors degree. Let lead you to the right graduate degree in human services.

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