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Thinking about pursuing a graduate online human resources degree? You’re in the right place! Pursuing online human resources management graduate programs may be a great way to prepare for a future career path…and online programs could make it possible to learn entirely from home. Below, check out some helpful info on the potential benefits of pursuing a human resources degree online, how to choose the HR graduate program that’s perfect for you, and more.

Why Pursue a Graduate Human Resource Management Degree Online?

There could be many possible reasons to consider online learning as an alternative to more traditional, campus-based programs. Here are a few potential Online Human Resources Management Graduate Programs benefits:

Perfect for parents – juggling grad school with parenting and other responsibilities can be tough. Online human resources graduate programs may allow busy moms and dads to pursue their courses on evenings and weekends instead of more traditional daytime hours.

Helpful for working adults – Not everyone can quit work to pursue grad school. Earning an HR graduate certificate, doctorate, or master’s in human resources online may be a good choice for those who work a day job and are seeking a bit of flexibility. For example, you could potentially study on your lunch break and complete coursework at night.

Nurture your independent streak – Some students may like to be part of a crowd, while others prefer to do their own thing. If you love learning independently, earning a human resource management degree online may suit your style.

Bring campus to you – Do you live in a rural area, or somewhere far away from colleges and universities that may offer human resources graduate programs? By choosing online learning, you could potentially pursue a graduate degree from a college or university across the country without leaving your


What Could I Learn in an Online HR Degree Program?[i]

That depends on the program! However, it may be helpful to first understand what the typical duties of a human resources manager may be like. These business administrative professionals typically take care of a company’s staffing needs, ranging from recruiting new employees to handling conflict management, employee benefits, and more. Therefore, the typical human resource management degree online may include courses like conflict management and industrial psychology,[ii] in addition to other relevant topics. You may also explore the issues and challenges companies face when it comes to finding and retaining talent. Of course, every program may feature different curricula and potential learning goals. Be sure to read course descriptions or chat with a representative to learn more about the Online Human Resources Management Graduate Programs that interests you.

What Online Human Resources Management Graduate Programs Might I Pursue?

You may have a few potential options when it comes to HR graduate programs, and your choice may depend on factors like past education and experience, professional goals, and more. For example, some human resources managers may earn an online HR master’s degree to prepare for new professional opportunities ii, while someone interested in a postsecondary business teacher career path might decide to pursue a PhD.[iii]

Online Human Resource Degrees

Here are a few degree types you may want to consider:

Online Master’s in Human Resources – Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree may be interested in checking out online human resources master’s degree programs. Potential options may include earning an M.S. (Master of Science), an M.A. (Master of Arts), or MBA – human resources. You might find some overlap in coursework, but each type of master’s program may take a slightly different approach. For example, coursework in an M.S. program may be grounded in the sciences, while an MBA – human resources typically takes a business-oriented approach to the study of HR.

Online Graduate Certificate in HR – Another potential option may be to earn a graduate or post-baccalaureate certificate in human resources management. Unlike earning an online HR degree, a certificate is not a graduate degree. However, this educational path may be a good way to hone your knowledge of HR – whether you’re hoping to pursue a career change or just brush up on your industry smarts.

Online Doctorate in Human Resources – Finally, you may even be interested in doctorate programs, such as a PhD or DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in human resources management. Pursuing a doctorate degree may require independent research on the theory and practice of HR, as well as writing and defending a dissertation. Of course, not every HR career path calls for a PhD! However, about 66% of business school professors earn a doctoral degree iii, as do about 48% of industrial-organizational psychologists. [iv]

Did you Know? Around 18% of HR managers earn a master’s degree, such as an online master’s in human resources. [v]

How Can I Tell Which Online Human Resources Degree Programs Are Perfect for Me?

Choosing your prospective graduate program is a big decision! Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you evaluate online human resources graduate programs that may help you pursue your goals.

Learning platform and tools – If you’ve decided to pursue an HR degree online, you may want to find out exactly how courses are taught. For example, do professors typically deliver lessons via a site like Blackboard, record themselves giving lectures, or invite students to post in online message boards? Do you feel comfortable using these online learning tools? These may be some good questions to ask as you evaluate programs.

School accreditation[vi] – Accreditation by a third party organization is usually a good sign. For one, it could mean your prospective HR graduate school upholds certain industry standards that employers may look for. Also, students who are eligible for federal financial aid must select a college or university that is accredited by an organization approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

What students are saying – Naturally, you’ll want to pursue a graduate human resources degree online program that has a reputation for student satisfaction! Of course, reputation can be hard to determine. You could research stats like student retention and graduation rates, plus check with the Better Business Bureau to see if your prospective school handles student concerns promptly. You may also wish to talk to current and former students to learn more about their experiences.

Online Human Resources Management Graduate Programs​: Are You Ready?

If you’ve decided to check out online HR degree programs at the graduate level, look no further! Check out some sponsored Online Human Resources Management Graduate Programs listings, below.

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