Negotiation & Conflict Management Graduate Programs & Schools

Do you have an interest in resolving conflicts? Bringing about world peace? If yes, then you might consider a possible career in the field of conflict resolution, which has several tracks. Professional mediators help families, communities, and nation-states find resolutions to disagreements. Professional negotiators and mediators work on ending workplace and labor disputes. Those trained in conflict resolution also do community outreach, work in higher education, and participate in organizations for peace. Still interested?  

Negotiation & conflict management graduate programs are designed to train students for possible careers in this field. The coursework is interdisciplinary, drawing theories and concepts from psychology, sociology, and other social sciences as well as from business management, public policy, and law. In a negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs, there are opportunities to specialize your academic studies. You can earn a graduate certificate in Peacebuilding or in Labor Studies and Labor Relations. Alternatively, you might pursue a doctorate in Management-Conflict Resolution or Master of Arts in Coexistence and Conflict. As you browse entertainment management degrees, you can consider negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs with online or on-campus classes.

To find a negotiation & conflict management grad program for your educational and career goals, filter your search by selecting the program (on-campus and online) and the degree type. There is no reason to wait. You can begin learning more about negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs at accredited colleges and universities today! 

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