Connecticut Campus Negotiation & Conflict Management Graduate Programs & Schools

In our communities and the world, there is great need for individuals with the skills to effectively reduce conflicts in a number of social and political arenas. Professional negotiators and mediators are needed to resolve workplace and labor disputes. Negotiators and mediators are needed to help families, communities, and nation-states find resolutions to disagreements. And there is a need for negotiators and mediators who can do community outreach, research and teach in higher education, and contribute to organizations for peace. One way to build a possible career in these areas is to earn a negotiation & conflict management degree.

Campus negotiation & conflict management graduate programs are designed to train mediators and negotiators through interdisciplinary coursework that pulls theories and concepts from the social sciences as well as from business management, public policy, and law. Campus negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs offer traditional classes that allow you to participate directly in a learning community with faculty and other students dedicated to a peaceful coexistence. You can specialize in negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs. For example, you can earn a graduate certificate in Peacebuilding or Labor Studies and Labor Relations. Alternatively, you might pursue a doctorate in Management-Conflict Resolution or a Master of Arts in Coexistence and Conflict. The choice will be yours based on your own timeframe and career goals.

You can find a campus negotiation & conflict management degree that fits your schedule and interests. Use GradSchools to filter your search by selecting the program and the degree type and begin learning more about negotiation & conflict mgmt grad programs at accredited colleges and universities today! 

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