Hybrid Business Corporate Education Graduate Programs & Schools

Hybrid business education grad programs are designed to prepare students for a possible career as a business educator. Business educators communicate with employees about new ...

policies and initiatives by conducting workshops and trainings, sometimes in person and sometimes in a webinar format. If you have interest in learning these skills and developing a possible career in business education, you should look into a hybrid business corporate education degree.

With a business corporate education degree, you will likely take interdisciplinary classes that include studying knowledge and methods from teacher education, psychology, and business organization. You might also take classes in curriculum development and public policy. Hybrid business education grad programs offer traditional classes that allow you to participate directly in a learning community dedicated to discussing the best practices in corporate education, but also supplement those classes with online coursework. Business education grad programs may also provide internship possibilities, study abroad opportunities, and options to do part-time or full time course loads. You can earn a corporate education graduate certificate such as a Hybrid Certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching. You should make your choice based on your passions and career goals.

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