Indiana Hospitality Management Campus Programs & Schools

Do you have a strong interest in business coupled with a passion for travel, tourism, and hotels? A Hospitality Degree Program can offer you various options in the fascinating hospitality industry. This field has core applications that pertain to business, and is concerned with hotel administration or management and tourism management. The broad field of hospitality management also covers hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers and country clubs.

The campus college experience can be a fantastic way for the student to get a great education, and also expand and build social and professional networks, as well as meet people with the same interests and goals. Just starting to search for a campus offering a Hospitality Degree Program? Start out by filtering out schools by hospitality management degree type. For example, browse through options such as a Doctorate Master of Management in Hospitality, or a Doctorate Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. Review other choices like a Master of Science in Parks and Recreation Management: Therapeutic Recreation Track or a Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management. Or, perhaps you are looking for a Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management on the campus of your dreams!

Keep in mind that there are campuses both internationally and domestically, which offer hospitality graduate hospitality programs. Filter a search by city, state or country to review more choices. Start your search for an accredited school offering a Hospitality Degree Program now and begin a new and exciting are of study and career options!

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