Homeland Security and National Defense Online Graduate Programs

Are you considering Online Homeland Security and National Defense Graduate Programs? For many, this enhanced degree might be a great choice. Online programs often offer flexibility. They may also offer convenience to pros who work full time. They may depend upon distance education. They may prefer to access coursework at convenient times. And, they may want to work from the comfort of their own computers. Many online programs might give students access to digital libraries. They may use advanced platforms and other digital formats. They often enable an interactive and social experience. An online degree in homeland sec and national defense might make grad school possible. There are factors to consider when looking to pursue a graduate degree. A homeland security degree program may offers these. Is the school accredited? Some items to know about are GPA and accreditation. If the school accepts transfer credits. If the program considers work experience. What type of financial aid is available. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. These are also things you may want to consider. Do you want to go to a public university? A private school may also be a thing to consider. Online Homeland Security Graduate Programs

What Might I Learn as I Pursue My Graduate Level National Defense and Homeland Security Degree Online?

Online Homeland Security Programs and National Defense Grad Programs may help professionals. They could help develop their abilities. Prevent and respond to man made and natural disasters. Emergency response may be a skill to learn. The field of national defense and homeland security often impacts many. This may include local, national, and international entities. It may span industries in public and private sectors. Students may explore the field’s core theories. This may include concepts and principles. You may learn how to navigate the field’s many dynamics. Many programs may emphasize putting theory to practice. Many topics may be covered when pursuing this online master’s degree. These may include information assurance and homeland security policy. Homeland security studies may be an option also. Some of the topics may be emergency preparedness and health preparedness. Risk assessment may be a topic. Areas of study may include information systems. Biosecurity Criminology may be one also. These may all be homeland security course topics.

What Types of Online Homeland Security and National Defense Graduate Programs and Certificates Exist?

There are three types of Online Homeland Security and National Defense Master’s Programs. They are certificate programs, master’s degree programs, and doctorate degree programs. Here’s more about each:

Online National Defense and Homeland Security Certificate Programs

Graduate-level online homeland security certificate programs may give online students a sense of homeland sec.  They may cover national defense’s key theories. They may also look at issues and applications. These may be across public and private entities. Online college students might also learn about homeland security and nat’l defense. This could be as they relate to industries such as science, technology, and public health. The core courses in grad cert programs tend to be multidisciplinary. They might cover subjects such as:
  • Strategic planning and tactics of nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Law, politics, and sociology of nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Contemporary issues in nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Foundations of nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Practical applications of nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Approaches to nat’l defense and homeland sec
  • Comparative methods of nat’l defense and homeland sec
Students in grad cert programs might also delve into more specific areas. These are areas of nat’l defense and homeland sec. These could be emergency management, military defense, or terrorism. The coursework in online grad cert programs often includes core and elective options. Core coursework may help students gain the base knowledge. This is typically in national defense or homeland security. It may also be in an area of either one. Students might also take classes in areas of personal or professional interest. These may be electives. Students could earn an online grad cert in national defense and homeland sec. This is usually done by taking four to ten courses over three months to one year. This is if it is full time study. Some programs may allow students to transfer their online credits. This could be from their cert program to a master’s degree program. To determine whether the credits in your program may transfer, talk to an advisor.

National Defense and Homeland Security Master’s Degree Programs

The online master’s in homeland security and national defense typically comes in three forms: The Master of Arts (M.A.), the Master of Science (M.S.), and the Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.). Any one of these degree programs might focus on national def or homeland sec. Other areas may include emergency management, terrorism studies, or another area of national security. In these degree programs, students often take core classes. They may also take elective classes. These are usually across many disciplines. Some core subjects in an online master of science that students might study include:
  • Foundations of homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Admin of homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Applications and approaches to homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Strategic planning in homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Historical and contemporary issues in homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Comparative methodologies in homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Social and ethical issues in homeland sec and nat’l defense
  • Terrorism and counterterrorism in homeland sec and nat’l defense
Students’ elective coursework might culminate into a concentration or specialization. This may include cybersecurity, criminal justice, or law enforcement. One area students might concentrate their learning is emergency management. Military defense may be another. Leadership, management, and admin may be topics. International relations and psychology of defense are often other options. Terrorism and counterterrorism, crisis and disaster management, and many others may be available also. Depending on the programs, students might study these more specific subjects. This could be a part of their core curriculum. They may delve into them more through elective coursework. Students might also study national def and homeland sec in a particular region of the world. Areas such as Mexico, Europe, or the Middle East. This may be part of their core or elective curricula. Every program differs. Earning a master’s degree typically is one to two years. This may take intensive or full time study. Students could take ten to twenty classes. They might end their programs by writing and defending a thesis. They also may need to take an exam. In some programs, students might forgo a thesis or exam. Instead, they may complete a project as part of a capstone. Students might also take part in an internship. They may also study abroad as they earn their master’s in homeland security online.

Online National Defense and Homeland Security Doctorate Programs

There are four online doctorate degrees in national defense and homeland security. These include the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and the Doctor of Science (Sc.D.). The Doctor of Business Administration and the Doctor of Management are options also. Any of these doctorate degree programs might emphasize national defense or homeland security. They may also cover another area of security through core and elective coursework. Through core coursework, students may engage in a broad-based study. This may covers homeland sec and nat’l defense. They may study similar subjects as those in a master’s degree program. This may be in greater depth and specificity. In many programs, they may study business related subjects. These may be leadership, management, and operations. It is also quite common for students to study research methodologies. These could be qualitative and quantitative. Stats may also be a topic. Many doctorate programs could be research and writing intensive. They may also need students to develop their knowledge of historical and contemporary research. This is often in the fields of homeland sec and national defense. Through elective curricula, students in online doctorate programs may pursue a focus. This may be in many areas. Comparative politics, political economy, or political theory are some. Areas of science, technology, and public policy may be covered.  Public health, emergency planning, and management could be other options. Homeland security enterprise and innovation in homeland security may be possible topics. National defense, among others, may be covered. Many students may pursue an online D.B.A., D.M., Sc.D., or Ph.D. in homeland security and national defense. This may be over the course of four to six years of full time study. At the end of their programs, students might write and defend a dissertation. They may also take a comprehensive exam. They might also do an internship, student teach, or work with a business mentor.

What Careers Might I Pursue with a Graduate Certificate or Degree in Homeland Security and National Defense?

Many types of professionals benefit from pursuing a grad cert or degree in homeland sec and national defense, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics are often some. Public and private security guards and the military may benefit. Protective services professionals may benefit as well. Professionals in local, state, and federal government may pursue further education. This is often to enhance their careers. With their certificates or degrees, they might pursue administrative or management positions. These could be in their fields. They might pursue positions that need enhanced or focused knowledge and experience. Some occupations that professionals with advanced certificates or degrees might pursue include:
  • Military careers: military professionals earn anywhere from $1,650 per month to $16,608 per month according to the BLS.
  • Emergency Management Directors, who earned a median annual salary of $76,250 as of 2020. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts this will grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029.
  • Training and Development Managers earned a median annual salary of $115,640 in 2020. The BLS predicts that this occupation will grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029.
  • Administrative Services Managers, who earned a median annual salary of $98,890. This is across industries as of 2020. The BLS predicts that this occupation will grow by 6% between 2019 and 2029.
These are some examples of the jobs homeland sec and national defense pros might pursue. This is once they have a grad cert or degree. (Note: The typical entry education level for many of these positions may be a bachelor’s degree.) These careers may take you to fields such as infrastructure protection. International terrorism may be an option. International security may be an option. This degree may allow you to work with government agencies. the Department of Homeland Security is an option. Other careers may include transportation security and crisis management. Homeland defense and public administration are others. Other careers for homeland security professionals may include information security. Intelligence analysis and public safety are also options.

What’s My Next Step for Pursuing an Online Certificate, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree in Homeland Security and National Defense?

When you are ready to explore your options for pursuing an online homeland security degree or cert, start here. Below you’ll find a list of Online Homeland Security and National Defense Grad Programs. These are at the certificate, master’s degree, and doctorate degree levels. You could refine your search to browse Online Homeland Security and National Defense Grad Programs by a particular level. You could do so using our search tool. Once you’ve found a program you like, you can contact it through our website. It’s that easy. Good luck!
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  • Walden University

  • Notre Dame College Of Ohio

  • American University

  • Purdue University Global

  • Liberty University Online

  • Tiffin University

  • Upper Iowa University

  • George Mason University

  • American Public University

  • Henley-Putnam University

  • University of Maryland University College