Online History Graduate Programs & History Graduate Schools

Online History Degree Programs can help you start a fascinating career in all kinds of industries. In online history graduate programs, students learn all about the past. Whether it’s about large historical movements or the lives of ordinary people, a graduate program in history provides high-quality research, writing and critical thinking skills. These skills are valued in places like archives and museums. Graduates of online history programs also find jobs in law, publishing, the non-profit world and journalism.

Types of Online History Degree Programs

Online graduate programs in history are as varied as history itself. Students can opt for an Online PhD History or an Online MA in Military History or Historic Preservation. If you’re looking to add to your skill set, check out online Graduate Certificates in Archival Studies.

Why Choose an Online History Degree Program Over a Traditional History Degree

Many students prefer online degrees for how they can provide more control of one’s own time. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can study whenever and wherever you like! Online graduate history degrees also make it easy to work with your peers and keep in contact with instructors. will help you find the online history degree programs that are right for you. Filter your search by online history masters degree, online history PhD programs, or online history graduate certificate. Then filter by location to find an online program almost anywhere in the world!

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