Buffalo Campus History Graduate Programs & History Graduate Schools

A campus-based History Graduate Program may open the door to all kinds of fascinating careers. In campus history graduate programs, students study some aspect of the past. It could be large historical movements like immigration or revolutions. Or it could be researching the lives of ordinary people. Either way, a campus graduate degree in history provides the student with serious writing, critical thinking and research skills. These skills can lead to a great job in a museum, archive, university or news outlet. Some campus history graduates find fulfilling jobs in law, publishing or the non-profit world.

When it comes to campus graduate history programs, students have tons of choices. Many different colleges offer a Campus Master History Degree or PhD in a topic like Medieval Studies. Campus-based Graduates Certificates in History or Historic Preservation can help students round out their resumes in a particular field.

A campus graduate degree in history has many benefits for students. There is the opportunity for direct interaction with students and teachers, which can lead to rewarding professional relationships. Campus study also means access to campus amenities like libraries, computer labs and social events.

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