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If you have a passion for history, museums and artifacts then a Historic Preservation Degree is a great path towards an enriching, hands-on career. Like a Graduate-level History degree, you’ll gain specialized knowledge in the field as well as the reading and writing comprehension skills required. The added benefit of a Masters in Historic Preservation is the technical training in preserving historical items and documents as well as the practical experience in the larger administration of public history. In this way Historic Preservation Programs often cross-over to other fields including architecture, archaeology, community planning, government administration, economics, law and communication.

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Just starting to search? You can choose to initiate a search by location; use the tabs to enter a city, state, or country in order to determine where the best Historic Preservation Graduate Programs including Online, On-Campus and Hybrid Historic Preservation Degree Programs are offered. You can also use the great directory on to start a search by program level, as each different Degree type will yield choices that you can match with your education needs.

Types of Historic Preservation Programs

At the Master's level, you can find different Master of Historic Preservation Degree Graduate Programs. You can also include an area of specialty, which would yield choices like a Doctorate American Studies Degree, or choose a program that focuses on a specific time period or historical event like a Graduate Certificate in Genocide and Holocaust Studies.

At, you can learn more about Historic Preservation GradSchools & Programs at the Grad Certificate, MA, MS & Doctorate degree levels. You may earn a degree in as little as 1 year!

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