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Enrolling in an Online Healthcare Administration Graduate Program may be the optimal way for current professionals to boost their credentials while maintaining busy work schedules. Healthcare executives are tasked with planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health services. If you have a keen interest in refining your management skills, and you enjoy the field of health care, there are a variety of online graduate programs in Healthcare Administration to choose from. Whether you aspire to move up the ladder in a current role, transition into a new administrative career, or work at the level of policy and research, read on to take a look inside online healthcare graduate degrees.

Online Graduate Programs in Healthcare Administration Student Skills Profile

Why Choose an Online Healthcare Administration Graduate Program?

Choosing to pursue an Online Healthcare Administration Graduate degree online may be a really convenient option. Let’s face it - sometimes commuting just isn’t possible! Distance-learning brings the classroom to you, whether in live-streaming webinars, pre-recorded video, or maybe a combination. Online library tools make study and research convenient too. Make sure to ask questions of the graduate school whose online program you are considering to check their exact format. Some on site visits may be required, so get those details. Also check into their online resources for students. Online learners need tech support at times, and may also want career counseling. Find out what the grad school offers you at the same time as finding out what is required of you as a student.

Types of Online Healthcare Administration Graduate Programs

Healthcare Administration Graduate Programs are available as graduate certificates, doctorates and online Masters in Healthcare Administration. Also, there are different types of degrees within the program levels.

Online Masters in Healthcare Administration Programs

If your goal

is a senior management position in the fast-growing field of health management, consider completing your master's degree.  Online masters programs in Healthcare Administration are often found as online MBA programs with a concentration in healthcare administration or as Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degrees.

If you are a mid-career professionals seeking specialized and focused graduate studies in health care administration, an online Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHCA) program may be a great fit. These programs generally increase your depth of knowledge in the administration of health care services and programs. This type of degree, along with the Master of Public Health may be more industry-focused than the Master of Business Administration (MBA – Healthcare concentration). These programs may expose you to real-time links between health care, finance and economics. A plus if you seek good business judgment skills. Browse online Masters!

Online PhD in Health Administration and DHA Programs

If you are ready for your doctorate degree in Health Administration, you might consider whether you want to focus more on policy analysis and research, or whether you seek more leadership and management skills. Choices at this level might include Doctor of Management –Healthcare Management and Leadership (Executive Format), PhD in Health Services, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Health Care Administration, or Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with emphasis in Health Care Administration. Browse all Online Doctorates!

Online Graduate Certificates in Health Administration

Another option you have is to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration Online. These may help you broaden your expertise in the field. Browse all Online Graduate Certificates!

Take the Next Step

If a graduate degree is something you are considering on your academic path, an online Health Administration Graduate Program may allow you to learn at your own pace without giving up other responsibilities. So take the next step and browse listings to find the program that aligns with your goals!


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